10 Basic Principles To Live Younger Longer

To Live Younger Longer follow these Principles

It is increasingly common to be bombarded with advertising and to find clinical centres that assure us of eternal youth. Hence, many people are not able to resist such a promise. So they resort to quick and fixes like anti wrinkle injections to cover up their worn-out look from the lifestyle they lead.

Science is indeed evolving and we are learning more about the human body. But the reality is that many scientists agree that the healthiest way to live younger longer resides with ourselves. In other words, in the decisions, we make every day.

Next, we share with you the 10 basic principles that we apply in our lives to feel each day with energy, enthusiasm and gratitude:

Decide to be happy

Research carried out by the University of Michigan showed that, contrary to public opinion, human beings are happier in old age than in our youth.

This is because the adversities that we have had to go through in our lives make us wiser, thus causing better management of our emotions.

The London School of Economics and Political Science also carried out research in this regard and affirmed that our happiness reaches its highest points at 23 and 69 years of age and, the lowest between 40 and 50 years. Therefore, our happiness has a U shape throughout our life.

Despite the scientific studies that have been carried out, it is in our hands to decide to be happy or not. That is, we can moderate our state of mind and decide at all times how we want to feel.

But, what is undeniable is that smiling not only improves our quality of life, which translates into a feeling of feeling alive. But, you will also be more receptive to enjoy every moment and the people around you. To this, we must add that we are also capable of burning more calories when we smile than when we are angry.

Therefore, feeling happy implies smiling. But, the interesting thing is that the relationship also works the other way around. Hence, if we smile, we will feel happier. This happens thanks to the internal processes in our brain and the hormones secreted when it comes to smiling. 

Exercise naturally

Our body is made up of a muscular system that allows us to carry out daily movements naturally, without putting our health at risk. Especially if we take care of it and exercise our flexibility and mobility often.

Countless disciplines help us to be in shape every day, to feel healthy and to maintain healthy body weight. We can do yoga, Pilates, swimming, running, hiking, martial arts, even climbing and callisthenics.

To stimulate our muscles, it is best to vary the workouts and mix all the disciplines that we like. In addition, in this way, we guarantee 100% fun and 0% boredom. Not to mention the benefits that exercise has to stay young longer.

A good idea to feel good and motivate ourselves at the same time is to share active moments with friends or family. We might associate meeting friends with going to dinner or for a drink, but why not meet for a run or a walk instead? In this way, we also strengthen friendships by overcoming a common challenge.

Eat a variety of foods

Have you ever heard of “eat the rainbow every day”? When it comes to eating healthy, we follow a very basic rule: include foods of at least four different colours on each plate. It not only allows us to eat in a balanced way but also to enjoy interesting combinations and flavours.

There is no single food that contains all the macro and micronutrients necessary to reach an optimal level of health. That is, each food has different properties and nutritional value. Hence, we must know how to combine them. Everything in excess is bad and this also applies to food.

It is only when we have excessive consumption of a particular food that it can lead to health problems.

To live young, the key is to control your portions, choose fresh and seasonal products, and opt for healthier cooking methods. 

Connect with people

Human beings are social beings. Therefore, we are not genetically created to be a hermit. Because it is one of our basic needs to feel that we belong to a community and to have the ability to relate to others

Avoid loneliness by actively participating in interest groups, where you share the same hobbies, do volunteer activities or simply invite other people to be part of your life.

Remember that we are usually the average of the five people with whom we are in contact the most, so choose them well.

In addition, today it is easier to meet new people and participate in unusual events, which offer us the feeling of adventure, which helps us feel young inside. For example, a short search on platforms like Facebook, Meetup, or Eventbrite will give you ideas for getting involved in activities in your area.

Take your dose of sun

Our body needs a daily dose of vitamin D to guarantee a correct pigmentation of our skin. In addition, this vitamin is of vital importance for the health of our bones, muscles and teeth.

A deficiency in vitamin D can lead to bone pain, reduced bone density, and even osteoporosis. Therefore, it is important to be in the sun for at least 15 minutes a day.

Of course, it is necessary to avoid the central hours of the day – which coincide with the highest radiation hours – and use high SPF sun protection.

Whether it’s before or after work, or even as a mid-morning or afternoon break, make it a habit to go outside for at least 15 minutes.


Reading is an excellent way, within the reach of most people in the world, to expand our knowledge towards new horizons.

A big mistake people make is thinking that their learning ends when school or college ends.

We live in a constantly changing world that requires us to adapt at all times to different circumstances that require new skills and abilities on our part.

Reading has countless benefits for our mental health and helps our minds stay active and young. Therefore, we recommend that you read for at least 15 minutes a day. Do it and you will see the positive change it can cause in your life.

Learn to love, forgive and let things go

Love is just as important as knowing how to forgive. As human beings, we tend to learn mainly when we make mistakes in our life. These mistakes can unconsciously harm other people. Therefore, it is just as human to ask for forgiveness as it is to accept such apologies

It is normal that there are communication errors, especially communicating by digital means, instead of in person. But what is really crucial is to always act in good faith, without having a negative intention towards anyone.

And what about loving? At the time that you only have to slide your thumb to your right to meet that possible future partner, many people give up what it takes to live with another person as a couple. In this way, the options of finding that person we can come to love are drastically reduced.

Manage stress

There are countless factors that cause stress, especially in today’s digital age, where we are overwhelmed with information and stimuli.

The occasional stress that motivates us to carry out certain actions in our life or generated when doing sports or having sexual relations, is good in controlled amounts.

The problem lies in the continuous stress that many people suffer from pressure in their personal and work environment.

Premature ageing begins with an accumulation of stress, which causes an increase in free radicals above healthy levels. To stay young, it is essential that each day you take the time to reflect and do those activities that allow you to relax.

For some it may be painting, others walking, even singing, taking a hot bath or having a massage. Therefore, look for what relaxes both your body and mind and take the time to do it more often.

Stay busy

Sometimes we get overwhelmed when tasks start to pile up, unable to meet deadlines. But, the fact of not doing anything over time negatively affects our creativity, reduces our energy levels and even positivism.

Therefore, try to establish certain priorities in your life, based on what you would like to achieve. Work to achieve them, leaving aside those tasks or obligations that take you away from your goals.

Train yourself, learn new skills, connect with people and you will see how you will feel more fulfilled, and at the same time you enjoy the process


If there is one thing in this world which makes us richer the more we spend, it is travelling. Travelling doesn’t just mean getting to know new places. Travelling is much more.

It allows you to get out of your comfort zone, discover new ways of thinking and seeing life, discover new cultures, even appreciate wonderful places that this planet offers us.

Studies confirm the great benefits that travelling represents for our health. So, we encourage you to see travelling as a priority.

You don’t have to wait until you can leave for several weeks at a time; a weekend away often will get you out of a rut. Spend time with yourself, put yourself at the top of your priority list and you will notice the difference, guaranteed!