10 Best Decorative Items For Diwali 2022

Diwali is just around the corner and the preparations have already begun. Diwali is one of the widely celebrated festivals across the country. It is considered as the festival of lights and is believed to bring positive energy and good fortune to people’s lives. Indians celebrate Diwali with grand celebrations. People buy decorative items to decorate their homes. Mypoojabox brings to you a vast range of trendy Diwali decoration items to enhance the beauty of your home and fill every corner with brightness. Below you can find a list of decorative items that you are going to need for Diwali this year.

  1. Blossom elegant urli: This is an elegant metal container with a hammered pattern with two metallic golden flowers placed on the edge of this urli. You can place flowers or diwali home decoration light in the middle of this urli and keep it on your tea table to enhance the look of your living room.
  1. Zenab lotus hanging T-light holder: This hanging lotus-shaped T-light holder adds an elegant charm to your living room. The metallic finish along with the droplet-shaped crystal bead hanging from it makes it the perfect home decor for Diwali.
  1. Diyas: Diwali is incomplete without diyas. Mypoojabox has an array of elegant designer brass diyas online that will brighten up your pooja room and add a royal touch to your Diwali decorations.
  1. Handcrafted Trikona T-light holder: This stunning T-light holder will surely leave your guests in awe this Diwali. This holder is made using iron and has a gorgeous metallic gold finish that enhances the overall beauty of your pooja room and living room.
  1. Clear quartz vanilla crystal aromatherapy candles: These candles have the healing properties of quartz and crystals that fill your home with positive energy and the subtle vanilla fragrance creates a serene ambiance at your home during Diwali or any other occasion. The powder pink color of the candles adds to the beauty of your Diwali decorations.
  1.  Gracious lunar hanging T-light holder: This gorgeous hanging Tea light holder is made of metal and has a matte gold finish. The half-moon-shaped holder adds a touch of elegance to your living room and is a must-have for Diwali.
  1. Decorative bandhanwar with T-light candle holder: This one is a must-have for Diwali. The floral bandhanwar with a cage-shaped T-light holder hanging from it makes it a creative and unique item to deck up your front door. The beautiful white and red flowers on the bandhanwar enhance the entrance of every pooja space.
  1. Roshana 3 layer twinkling diya rectangle stand: This unique diya stand comes in a rectangular shape with T-light holders placed on it. The elegant golden finish amplifies the aesthetics of your house.
  1. Handcrafted brass arti diya: This stunning four-tier arti diya is essential for your pooja room. The diya is made using the finest quality brass and has a gorgeous glossy gold finish. Mypoojabox is your one-stop destination for Diwali decorative lights online shopping this festive season.
  1. Royal craft with wooden base Samagridaan: This Samagridaan is one of the quintessential items for any occasion. This Diwali get this exquisite brass and wood Samagridaan with traditional motifs all over it and store all the pooja ingredients in it to add a royal touch to your Diwali celebrations.