10 Powerful Hacks To Bring More Views On Instagram Stories

Though story features are exactly replicated from snap happen, Soon, it reached its popularity and became a useful tool to acquire people’s engagements. Instagram story is an excellent way to perform visual content marketing, and you can use this stage to describe an exciting story. Did you know? Approximately 70 % of the U.S business use Instagram stories to promote their markets, businesses. It is the most incredible way to reach millions of potential people. Instagram stories will be the best marketing strategies to enhance your brands.

Publish Variety Of Content

Scheduling is the mandatory process on Instagram stories to plan your content earlier. Planning will help to satisfy your audience’s expectations. When they start following your account, they guess when you will post stories. Frequency is important stuff to make your audience enhance their engagement. Your consistency shows how dedicated and passionate you are towards your work. It will impress your audience.

Captivating Ideas For Your Content

You can spark whatever you want; Instagram offers you many options to make different kinds of stories. Photos, multimedia, videos are three dominant content; you can either post separately or bind together and post. Boomerang is one of the hilarious options you can try; additionally, you post your day-to-day activities.

Get Benefited With Stickers 

Instagram stories are an excellent feature to produce engaging and fascinating content. You have plenty of stickers like polls, questions, countdown, Gifs, funny emojis, and more.


Polls are a fantastic way to create interaction among your audience. Additionally, using polls, you gain a lot of info and details about your audience; it helps track their mindsets.

Polls are great because you can build two-day communication between you and them. Using polls, you can bring your audience to pick some parts of your product or services. By the way, you can know their preference choices and mindset in that particular area. Always show your creativity to design your Instagram stories; you can develop related stickers and emojis while creating your poll.

You can use polls to come up with any games or interesting polls that facilitate engagement. At the same time, it’s not like a traditional game, but it’s full of fun and entertainment. You can create polls about current popular topics or game shows, tv shows, sports asking “who is your choice,” “guess the winner.” Those titles will grab many audiences and encourages them to participate in the poll.

Once the poll finishes, from the poll, you can gather data about your followers. You can use them in future actions since your audience information is more valuable.

Try Question Stickers 

The question stickers encourage the audience to ask questions to you about their desired topics. People love to ask questions because they like to know more about you. So, they grab this chance to ask more questions. Automatically, everyone’s eagerness will increase to watch your answers. Question stickers will increase the engagement by making more people watch your stories. When you buy Instagram story views, you can widen the reach of stories among a large number of audience, hence improving brand exposure for your account. You can repost all your questions and answers together on your IG tv. As it helps to maximize the chance of reposting your content.

Countdown Starts 

Countdown stickers are useful in many ways. You can utilize them to announce or introduce any new arrivals, sales, any offers, discounts. It will be considered a gentle reminder to your audience to participate in any actions like contests and giveaways. Additionally, they will know how much time is left to proceed.

Express Your Feelings With Emojis 

You can get benefited from emojis slider stickers to add feelings, emotions to your Instagram stories. You can include your emojis slider stickers to any Instagram stories.

Showoff Your New Arrivals

Instagram stories are a great place to advertise or promote your new arrivals, content. It is like a modern tv channel to publish any teasers, sneak, and more. For instance, if you plan to post a new web series to promote this, you can launch a cover picture, titles of your new web series. 

Instagram provides all of the editing tools to create your teasers or trailers more attractively.

Run A Sales, Discounts, Offers 

Use Instagram stories to raise your revenue rate via sales and discounts. You can come up with sales, most importantly provide offers and discounts to catch more audience. Through sales, you can promote your products and brands. People get aware of your products, and soon they will convert your potential customers. You can create catchy titles like “great sales,” “mega offers.” Don’t forget to limit your offers by fixing the sales’ timing; it helps to motivate more people to enter the sales.

You can create giveaways to attract your audience and announce the winner will get 13% discounts on your sales. This is an effective method to improve your sales rate.

Make Use Of Tags 

Location Tags: Through location tags, you can target specific areas of your audience. This way, you can optimize your marketing strategies by targeting the focused audience in a particular place. Adding a location tag makes people discover your account quickly. Maybe your audience searches for particular location tag posts or content.

Hashtags: You may hear about hashtags everywhere, that it will raise your brand’s visibility, and you can earn many audiences. Limite your hashtags by two on Instagram stories to focus on your exact content. Most importantly, you must pick the right hashtags for your post. Either you can create your own hashtags for your brand and use them in all your posts, or you can discover popular hashtags in your industry.

Try Instagram Story Ads

There are 2 million advertisers on Instagram; if you have enough budgets for your business, you can use Instagram ads to maximize your engagement. Instagram ads will help to reach new audiences productively. You must concentrate on budgets, clear-cut objectives, cheat info about your ads, pictures for them, and appealing CTA’s. 

Highlight Your Great Stories     

Highlight option is worthy features to save and repost your tremendous and most exciting stories. You can save it permanently, showcase the best stories on your home page. You can use this stage to display all your brand or product pictures in a slideshow format, or you can add any awards, complement, positive comments from your audience. It will impress the new entries when they visit for the first time.

Play Songs To Your Stories 

People will be excited when they find the same mindset of people. You can use music features to create a bond, emotion with your audience. Since Spotify integrates into Instagram, you can play any of your favorite or people’s favorite songs.

Live Videos 

To increase connection and attachment with your followers, do more live videos regularly. It is becoming the most trending strategies to jell with your audience. If you start your live with a few seconds, you will get more requests to join your live. Live videos motivate many people to engage with your thoughts, talks. People will ask questions, doubts during live, you can answer them with patients. You can increase the interaction by asking any funny or interesting question to your people.

Analyze, Evaluate, Optimize 

After a while, once you publish your Instagram stories, you can track your performance through analytics. Measure everything engagement, impression, reach received for a particular post. Evaluate overall performances in general. Then try to identify your mistakes and rectify them.


Consistency is the crucial factor on social media; if you want to gain more Instagram reach, post regularly. Experiment with all marketing strategies, finally stick with what works for you. The above hacks will surely help you to succeed on Instagram stories. You must implement it in your account to see the progress.