12 Foods to Battle against Erectile Dysfunction

Being in good health sexually is very vital for females and males. A common sexual problem faced by males all over the world is one that is known as erectile dysfunction (ED). To battle erectile dysfunction, it is very important to have the right foods, so as to get good erection strength and also so as to get good motility of sperm. 

So as to get well sexual health and battle erectile dysfunction, it is very important to be on a strict diet. This is because as far as penile performance goes, food plays a very critical role. There are certain foods that you should have, that can help you greatly in dealing with impotence in men. It is vital that you include these foods in your diet if you get morning wood but nothing else or even if you do not get morning wood – and not even an erection! And so, here are:

12 Foods To Battle Erectile Dysfunction

  • Carrots: Research has revealed that out of all the vegetables and fruits, carrots work best to get a penis that is strong and healthy. Studies do indicate that eating carrots helps in increasing the motility of the sperm and also in increasing the sperm count. Experiments done show that men who ate more carrots had an increased sperm count between 6.5 to 8%. 
  • Watermelon: This fruit has lycopene in it. This has effects that are very similar to drugs that are used to treat sexual dysfunction symptoms. This compound can help boost your sex drive and it is also great for the heart, skin and prostate.
  • Dark Chocolate: Many people tend to link chocolates with all kinds of romantic or intimate activities. But, that is not all that chocolate is for. When you have dark chocolate, it could increase the production of serotonin in your body and this is known to be a mood-boosting hormone. Serotonin also helps in reducing stress levels and it helps with orgasms. 
  • Cocoa: Having cocoa is also great to battle erectile dysfunction, as it helps to increase the blood flow taking place in the arteries and this in turn helps in relaxing the blood vessels, by way of sending blood all over the body. Plus, this also gives a boost to your sex drive. 
  • Pistachios: Studies have shown that men who suffered from ED and had pistachios daily, for at least 3 weeks, experienced an improvement in their sexual condition. This could be attributed to the presence of arginine, a protein which is present in pistachios. This helps in relaxing the blood vessels and battle erectile dysfunction
  • Wine: Having wine can be extremely beneficial to your sex life. This is more so in the case of red wine, as it has in it an antioxidant known as phytochemical resveratrol. This helps in the production of nitric oxide and it also helps to clear the arteries. The action of nitric oxide is akin to Viagra, both work by expanding the blood vessels.
  • Oysters: These can increase the sex drive of men, by increasing their testosterone levels. Plus oysters are loaded with zinc, which is a nutrient that your body needs. 
  • Ginger: This is a great substance for men, as it helps in increasing the flow of blood and in keeping the arteries healthy. Most people refrain from having raw ginger as it is way too spicy. But raw ginger increases the level of testosterone in men. And this enhances the sex life. Plus, having ginger is also great for the heart.
  • Tomatoes: You may not be aware, but tomatoes play a huge role in your sex life. Studies done show that men who have over 10 servings of tomatoes on a weekly basis, are less likely to suffer from prostate cancer. This is because lycopene is present in tomatoes and it is this substance that helps to battle the cancer causing cell. Plus, there are other studies done which show that tomatoes could also help in shaping the sperm. 
  1. Coffee: You may find yourself asking the question – how can coffee help to battle erectile dysfunction? There are a number of studies that have been done, which show that drinking coffee triggers some kind of reaction in the male body. The result is that there is better blood flow seen to the penis. Strides have revealed that when a man has three cups of coffee daily, which is over 85 milligrams of coffee daily, he could decrease his chances of suffering from male sexual impotence, by as much as 42%.
  2. Walnuts: These have a lot of arginine in them. The body uses it to produce nitric oxide. Walnuts are also a great source of fiber, folic acid and vitamin E.
  3. Salmon: If you love to eat fish and foods that are fatty, salmon is just right for you to help you battle erectile dysfunction. Salmon has in it omega 3 fatty acids and this can work wonders for your heart and it is also just great for increasing the dopamine level. Because of the increase in this, the blood circulation gets better and this results in arousal for men. Sardines and tuna are also a couple of other fish that are in the same category of salmon. 


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