4 Reasons to Subscribe to a Home Wireless Broadband

If you ever have plans of subscribing to a home wireless broadband these days, you’d better brush up on some of the current technological terms. With a wide range of Internet plans available today from diverse Internet Service Providers (ISPs), you’d literally be drowned in an ocean of information.

You see, home wireless differs from mobile broadband in some aspects. That’s why it’s very important that you must choose which one you need most.

While a mobile broadband tends to be an excellent travel companion, home wireless is primarily developed for home use. This simply means that your modem will always be needing a constant power source.

Likewise, unlike the NBN which has fixed-line wire connections beneath the ground, home broadband is an Internet type that utilises 3G, 4G and even 5G signals (in selected areas) to connect your household to the Internet. Conversely, mobile broadband is an Internet connection comparable to the connection you get on your smartphone, also powered by 4G networks.

So now that you are having a basic understanding of these types of connection, perhaps, it becomes clearer why the home wireless broadband is the one for you. There are those who are not comfortable with fixed-line connections. Thanks to the home wireless type, you now have an alternative.

Why You Should Subscribe to a Home Wireless Broadband


As it is made to replace the traditional fixed-line connection, home wireless usually comes with an allowance of 200GB or more, starting at approximately $40/month. With entry level speeds capped at 12Mbps, it’s still faster than the regular Australian ADSL connection and it’s also like having a basic NBN connection. You might like to check out the home wireless broadband plans at Exetel and SpinTel.

If you think you’re not an extremely heavy Internet user and have no need for unlimited data, then the home wireless is suitable for you since nearly all broadband Internet plans that are using 3G and 4G signals are data capped. You can do the usual surfing activities without having to overspend like watching a Netflix movie or two, download content once in a while, stream music, check emails and social media, and many more.


The nice thing about this type of connection is that you can plug it in when you happen to be in a new area and then you have your Web surfing back again in a snap. Modems for home wireless plans have full features with additional features such as multiple gigabit Ethernet ports.

Internet sharing

Multiple household members can access the Internet simultaneously all at the same time using such devices as tablets, smartphones and the like. Amazingly, wireless Internet services are able to handle a high load with less trouble.

Printer sharing

There’s no more need of hopping from one system to another just to print a file. Sharing a single printer once the computer is set up is easy.

With a home wireless broadband, you don’t only get to work fast but you also have fun.