5 Benefits of Tri-Fold Brochures Essential for Your Business

In this piece we are going to discuss brochure printing and focus our attention primarily on tri-fold brochures, however, let’s just say that this advice is applicable to almost all the paper formats and for those perfect bound brochures even. It is true that clients can be difficult to deal with at times. There will be endless questions about the work being done at hand and of course, there are so many project misunderstandings that it becomes extremely nagging for graphic designers to create the brochure.

What seems like a simple concept to us as designers, for the clients is a whole world of ideas that are unheard of for them. So you need to understand that as a designer for you the problem becomes two-fold. You are not only providing a design service but you also need to help your client keep their marketing as cost-effective as possible in the most affordable manner.

Now you may be wondering why this is important, so let’s answer this question first:

A lot of times clients might come up to you and ask you to design a single-sided flyer which you might know to be a bad idea. This is especially applicable when it comes to clients offering 20 different kinds of product options. In such a scenario you might suggest that a trifold brochure might actually be let’s say a more suitable option.

So even if your client may not agree in the beginning, eventually he will come to realise that when it comes to brochure printing, for such requirements a trifold brochure is the best. Yes, it’s true that a trifold brochure might be a little expensive compared to single sided flyers or posters – however, with the price tag come many more benefits.

Now let’s come to the main point

Why a Trifold Brochure is Such a Great Choice?

  1. You Can Pack Lots of Information into a Smaller Size: one of the most obvious benefits of a tri-fold brochure is that it has the ability to include much larger amounts of information into small and compact space. Statistically speaking a trifold brochure can provide up to 4 times more space, than your average single sided flyer.

The fact is that a trifold brochure actually utilises both sides of an A4 paper when it comes to brochure printing. Doing this actually provides a lot of space for text, images charts etc. But once it’s folded down the brochure becomes one-third of its size. So when you are going to make the same effort of handing out your flyers or cards, using the trifold brochure means that you can provide much more information. So this is much easier for potential clients and also gives the company much more value for their money.

  1. Pocket-sized Easy to Takeaway Brochures: The reason why a trifold brochure is called so, is because it can be neatly folded up into three-panel leaflets that are one third the size of an A4 sheet, as we mentioned earlier. Hence unlike a poster, the customer can slide the brochure into the back of their pocket, which to be honest is your main goal here. The pocket-sized handiness of your trifold brochure, combined with the fact that it can hold a lot of information, makes it such a popular choice. In fact, in the world of brochure printing, it is a popular choice, especially amongst takeaway restaurants.
  2. Easy Breakup of Information: A Trifold brochure is an ideal choice for businesses that have a wide variety of products and services. A single travel brochure can provide six individual panels that are split between the front and back side of the leaflet. Now these panels can be used in a nifty manner to divide up all the information regarding your products and services into different categories, price points etc.

In a flyer or a poster, you would have to manually design the page and sections in order to divide the products. However, with the trifold brochure, the natural three-folding form can pick up your products and information during brochure printing.

  1. Much More Cost-Effective than Full-scale Brochures: Even though they say that a trifold brochure is more expensive than a single sided flyer but in reality, it is much more cost-effective as compared to full-scale brochures and catalogues. Maybe for some clients who give high ticket products (like houses, kitchen, cars etc.) full-scale brochures can be affordable. But for cheaper new businesses which have lower profits trifold brochures are a much more cost-effective option.

Of course, clients with cheap budgets can be difficult to deal with when it comes to brochure printing, but it is a part of your job to take your client’s budget into consideration and provide the most cost-effective option available.

  1. Creates a Professional Impression of your Business: Even though low budget clients might feel that the cost of brochure printing for a trifold brochure is a little on the higher end, the truth is that a trifold brochure is much more difficult to design as well, hence a lot of inexperienced designers don’t even offer those services. Because of these factors, you will find and that trifold brochures are being used by large companies as opposed to small businesses. And the fact of the matter is that a trifold brochure seems so much more professional when done in the right manner.

For clients who are thinking of the perfect bound brochure, a trifold brochure should not be a problem to shell out money for. Hence, when it comes to suggesting the perfect kind of brochure for brochure printing, a trifold brochure should always be on your list especially if the client deals in volume work.