5 Flower Arrangement Ideas to Surprise Your Mom on Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to make your mom feel loved and pampered. For all the selfless things she does for your and the family is probably the most difficult job that a mother does with a beaming smile on her face. Thus, she deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated in a way that is sure to make your mom feel super special on Mother’s Day. Well, you need not do much because a simple flower arrangement would be enough to brighten her day. Here are six gorgeous flower basket arrangement ideas that would help you in bringing a million dollar smile on your mom’s face on Mother’s Day:



Roses are probably one of the most meaningful floral gifts that are sure to be loved by your mom. As roses are available in a rainbow of colors so different colors of roses would mean different things depending on which color you choose for your mom. If you want to certify your mom as your ‘best friend’ then, a basket of yellow rose arrangement would help you in making your bond grow stronger with your mom. If you want to admire and appreciate your mom on Mother’s Day then, a bouquet of pink roses would be ideal.


If you are looking for a gorgeous flower arrangement for your gorgeous mom then, tulips would never disappoint you. Yes, tulips come in a variety of vibrant colors that has different meanings associated with its color. For instance, if you want to make your mom feel like a queen on Mother’s Day then, gift her a bunch of purple orchids because purple orchids represent royalty. And, if you want to show your affection and care for your mom then, give her pink tulips as these represent ‘care’.


Lilies are beautiful and elegant flowers which have different meanings associated with it. These majestic flowers represent royalty, rebirth, and purity. However, the alchemists consider lilies to be a lunar plant that represents feminine qualities like motherhood and fertility. Thus if your mom is the best woman who inspires you in your life then, show your love for her with a bouquet of beautiful lilies on Mother’s Day.


Orchids are one of the meaningful flowers that can convey the depth of your love for your mom on Mother’s Day. You can find orchids in a plethora of different colors and sizes. These exotic blooms symbolize beauty, charm, and thoughtfulness. So, nothing would be perfect than a flower arrangement of gorgeous orchids to express your love for your mom in a thoughtful way on the occasion of Mother’s day.


Carnations are considered as the traditional Mother’s Day flowers that symbolize love and admiration. Although carnations are available in a variety of colors, pink carnations, in particular, mean “ a mother’s incessant and eternal love.” According to a Christian legend, the pink carnations first grew from the ground where the Virgin Mary shed tears over Lord Jesus’s death. Thus, giving carnations to your mom on Mother’s Day will surely make your bond stronger with her.

So, make your mom feel special and shower your love upon her by surprising her with a beautiful flower arrangement on Mother’s Day.