5 Incredible Saleforce Extensions For Small Businesses

When it comes to growing in the various paradigms of industry today, one thing should be abundantly clear, consumer is the king. Every business should look to improve their consumer relations and work on creating an easy access for all consumers. Now this would also mean that it would require vast amounts of money. Yet, if only there was a way to get the most information and feedback from your customers, without the biggest investment possible.

Enter, Consumer Relations Management or CRM platforms, these are designed for the sole purpose of storing and relaying consumer information. One of the best ones available in the market is called Salesforce, and it also happens to be one of the more customizable ones. The software has a lot of hidden usages and extensions, one that can help your company very specifically. Here we look at some of these extensions and what they can bring for your company.

  1. SimplerEmployee Intranet: At a small price of $8 a month, you can access the proprietary communication app via Salesforce. All employees can use it and the intranet allows you to align employee schedules, engagement and robust integration with other applications. You can use the same extension for your blogging and company newsletter. It is mobile-friendly, thus allowing users to access the intranet on their devices as well.
  2. Eventable: The user can handle their regular schedules and at the same time get real time stats on other users and their updates on the calendar. You can also customize the way you add events and meetings on the calendar, thus giving it a more personal touch for each business.
  3. Invoice for Salesforce: For a certain amount, you can avail what is perhaps the most valuable extension available in Salesforce, which is the invoice system. With the help of this, users have the ability to administer the appearance and functioning of every independent invoice. It also permits the businesses to change design, content along with the layout for each template. It also lets the payment automate for each individual invoice, thus allowing customers to be aware of their pending automatically.
  4. Admin Check All: Another extension that allows you to setup a fast time check for all repetitive tasks. As of now the functionality of this extends to only fields permission and object permission. Future versions will allow you to add it to other areas as well.
  5. ORGanizer for Salesforce: It is the best extension allowing you to handle multiple logins, thus if your business is in the midst of expansion, you can utilize this to find out tabs which get used frequently. It also assists in password recovery and allows the software to recognize new tabs which contain Salesforce.

With the best Salesforce consulting company available for advice, you should get an appointment to help realize the full potential of your business and use Salesforce to its fullest. Having such software at your disposal can be highly beneficial and help you take your business to new heights.