5 Reasons Why Dedicated Server Hosting Is Only Preferred By Big Businesses

A Dedicated Server is one of the oldest and most trusted hosting services for your website. Before the surge of web hosting companies, site owners would buy a Dedicated Server and keep it on-premises to host their website. This was a costly affair. 

Eventually, hosting companies started offering Dedicated Server Hosting services that allowed businesses to benefit from a Dedicated Server without buying one and spending on the space or manpower required to maintain it. Over time, with different types of hosting services being launched to cater to different requirements of websites by sharing the webserver, Dedicated Server Hosting remained the costliest hosting options. 

While a Dedicated Server suits websites with specific hosting requirements, big businesses tend to prefer it due to the apparent benefits offered by hosting their site on one. Today, we will look at five reasons that make Dedicated Server Hosting a hit with big businesses.

1. Better Site Performance

When you talk about a big business, there is a huge expectation from its website. Being a large corporation means users expect your site to reflect the level of quality and service of products/services through your site. Hence, you need a hosting service that can ensure optimum site performance and maximum speed. This is where a Dedicated Server steps in. Since the entire web server is dedicated to your site and not shared between multiple users, you can be assured of speed and performance. Hence, once you optimise your site for speed, you never have to worry about the unavailability of resources that might happen in other plans.

2. Higher Security

Since the server is not shared between several users, a Dedicated Server is more secure than other hosting plans where the server is shared. Also, since you have complete control over the server, you can install any software or make any changes to the system to boost the security of the server and your site. As a big business, a security breach can tarnish your reputation within no time. Hence, it is essential to ensure that your site has maximum security at all times. A Dedicated Server helps you ensure that.

3. Cost-efficient

Dedicated Server Hosting plans are probably the costliest plans around. Hence, we will not say that they are cheap. However, for big businesses, the potential losses from hosting their websites on a hosting plan with shared resources can be much higher than the cost of a Dedicated Server plan. Hence, as opposed to buying and managing a Dedicated Server, a Dedicated Server Hosting plan is cost-efficient for big businesses.

4. Flexible & Versatile

When you use a Dedicated Server, you have the option of running a range of services. While web hosting and eCommerce are the most common uses of a Dedicated Server, you can use it as your email server, a virtual private network (VPN), data storage, etc. For big businesses, this is an important feature as it allows them to use it for any sudden requirement without having to buy another service and oversee it.

5. Simple to use

A website needs to be hosted on a webserver to be available on the internet. So, you buy or rent an entire web server and host your website. Simple. There is one physical machine that hosts your site. As opposed to VPS Hosting or Cloud Hosting where the server is shared using technological tools and usage is restricted in different ways, on a Dedicated Server, there is no such complication. Big businesses need such simple systems and processes to allow for efficient management.

Summing Up

Remember, every website has a unique hosting requirement and demands a certain type of hosting service. Even big business websites can have specific demands that make a Cloud Hosting or VPS Hosting ideal for them. However, if you think a Dedicated Server Hosting plan suits you well then research and find the buy the best Dedicated Server in India for your website. You can further choose from Windows or Linux Dedicated Servers or Managed and Unmanaged Dedicated Servers. Good Luck!