5 Reasons why Social Acceptance of Cannabis Weed is Increasing

Cannabis or marijuana consumption is considered as a taboo in several parts of this world. Despite legalizing liquor with heavy alcohol degree, still, the authorities of many countries hesitate to consider cannabis in the same category, however, the scenario is changing since a decade when researchers revealed several medical benefits of marijuana. Socially, people consider it as a symbol of hippy culture but consume it in their secret lives. The tradition of consuming weed in Orange Country and its native is dated back from the ancient time among most of the cultures worldwide. There is a contradiction between the authorities of each state regarding the legalization of cannabis that is gradually neutralizing. Here are some convincing reasons why social acceptance of marijuana is increasing day by day.

Social Acceptance

1) It is non-addictive until consumed with tobacco
Unlike other options like alcohol and opioids, cannabis is minimally prone to addiction. As per the recent researches on this controversial plant, it is concluded that only 9 out of 100 are prone to develop its addiction habit. It is much lower than any other intoxicant substance available in the market. Thus, it would be better to allow the public for consuming cannabis rather than extremely harmful drugs including heroin, cocaine or smack.
2) Highly beneficial for cancer patients
Cannabis reflects promising results after several types of research conducted on its impact on cancer cells. This plant attains anti-cancer potential that helps in reducing the symptoms. Tetrahydrocannabinol aka THC is the cannabinoid of this plant that shows a remarkable capability of killing the cells of a brain tumor. Unlike radiology therapy, the cannabinoid-based medicines don’t imply any adverse toxic impact on tumor cells.
3) Alternative to drug addicts
In many drug addiction rehab centers, marijuana is utilized as an effective alternative to drugs including alcohol and opioids. Under the strict guidance of neuro physicians, a limited dose of cannabis is provided to the patients for suppressing their thrust for addictive drugs. It gradually neutralizes the dependency of a patient on an addictive drug which is a scientifically proven fact.
4) Chronic pain relief
It is an effective treatment measure for patients suffering from adverse chronic pain. If consumed as a medicine, there are miraculous results of marijuana that you cannot compare with prescribed drugs. For the patient suffering from arthritis, physicians suggest weed in Orange Country and its native locations because of acts as a medicine that has almost zero side effect on health. It helps in getting relief from pain and the patient can sleep calmly after consuming a joint. Even some cannabis plants are containing a low level of elements for getting high.
5) Mind relaxation and promotes creativity level
It is a proven fact that cannabis acts as an effective agent for suppressing the anxieties of mind. After exhausting the entire day in hectic work schedule, people try to find something relaxing. Generally, alcohol consumption is a common option that promotes addiction as well as hyperactive behavior in people. On the other hand, cannabis sooth the mind by relaxing it. This is not all; it also boosts the creativity of mind with the openness of experience.

Important precautions to consider
While consuming cannabis from a dispensary in OC, be aware that it also has some adverse effects such as:-
It is unsafe to consume in pregnancy and for breastfeeding mothers
Not recommended for heart patients
Cause lungs diseases if consumed through smoking
Excessive consumption weakens the immune system

These are some convincing reasons to buy marijuana in OC by people for general intoxication and medical purpose. Its safe and controlled consumption beneficiate people much better than allopathic drugs in many diseases.