5 Tips to Add to Your Instagram Brand to Strategy

With so many ecommerce businesses on Instagram today competing for attention from buyers, how do you make your brand visible?

In this post we’ll show you how to increase Instagram reach:

1. Stories

The Instagram Story feature holds a rather prominent position on the app. With over 500 million Instagram users actively using stories each day, businesses must start utilizing their use of active story use. That doesn’t mean posting a story now and then, but consistent stories throughout each day.

Only 50% of influencer marketing campaigns used Instagram stories. This means that there is room for new businesses to get in on the effective use of Instagram stories.

2. Consistency

Instagram knows whether you have an active profile or not. The more you post, the better.

When posting onto your ‘grids’, keep in mind three important factors:

  • Will users like and comment?
  • Will they tag their friends in this post?
  • Is there a CTA to take users to your profile?

But the main portion of Instagram in which consistency is key lies with Instagram Stories. By posting to your story daily, you are increasing the chance of reaching users as they click onto their stories throughout the day, which in turn will create more profile views.

3. Optimal Posting Times

Use your data insights to find out when the optimal times to post are. Whether you’re using a third-party application to schedule your posts or not, Facebook has the option to schedule posts for your profile’s optimal time.

Use the Facebook scheduling assistant to improve how you engage with audiences and improve marketing campaigns based on them.

4. Ads

You have the option to boost your post once you’ve uploaded it onto your ‘grids’.

Use the Instagram business insights tool. There, you can see which of your posts have the highest impression rate, and the highest engagement rate.

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Boost a few of these and see which performs best. This data can be used as a guide on how to create future ads.

5. Reels

Although Reels aren’t completely new to Instagram anymore, they are still one of its newest features and therefore the media giant, owned by Meta, will boost your exposure the more you use that feature.

But as with anything, e-commerce businesses can’t simply post a short video about their video and hope it takes off. You need to be interactive, give information, and tell a short story to your audience to captivate their interest.

Bonus: Focus & Specificity

Do audiences look different across your other social media profiles? Analyze data insights to understand more about the locations and demographics of your followers across all channels so you can improve how you interact with them on each.

What you’ll probably notice is that your most engaged demographic is different across the various platforms.

… it all depends on the brand.

Use these types of data insights to create more effective marketing campaigns and create specific posts for each platform catered to the audiences served.

We hope you found these 4 tips informative – want the full list? Check out the these 9 Ways to Grow Your Brand Visibility on Instagram