5 Unspoken Tips For Flying Alaska Airlines

Getting ready to fly with United States’ fifth-largest airline, Alaska Airlines? There is plenty of things to know before flying to your preferred destination with Alaska Airlines. Here’s some of Alaska’s best advice for planning stress-free traveling.


It is advised to check-in for Alaska Airlines flights online i.e. through Alaska Airlines official site or download and uses Alaska Airlines mobile app to save time waiting in long ticket counter queues. Alaska Airlines’ mobile app can be easily downloaded on your android or IOS mobile device and also offers a digital boarding pass, allows you to track your flight status, sends notifications about Alaska flights, provides an authority to change or cancel your existing Alaska Airlines Reservations.

Customers can also download the entertainment app before heading to the airport; it is easier and quicker to do this on the ground than while on a plane. This provides you with an opportunity to watch free movies, TV shows, etc. onboard.


Before your trip, must visit the airport at least 2 hours before the scheduled domestic flight departure and 3 hours before your international flight departure. This provides you plenty of time to park, see a ticket agent, check your bags, and go through hassle-free security screening.


  • Security checkpoint lines can be frustrating long. Before stepping into the security line, it is advised to remove the belt, jacket, metal jewellery, etc. and place them into your bags to pass through the scanner.
  • Wear shoes that are easily removable or loosen your shoelaces.
  • Must have your boarding pass and IP proof ready to give to the screening agent.
  • When you are getting ready for the airport scanners, always remember those personal electronic devices larger than a cell phone, including laptops, tablets, game consoles, etc. that must be placed in a bin alone for screening.


  • Alaska Airlines do not accept the luggage that includes charging devices or use a lithium battery-powered electric motor.
  • All bags with non-removable lithium batteries, power banks or all batteries that need tools to be removed will not be accepted as checked or carry-on baggage by Alaska Airlines. Must visit Alaska Airlines official site before making Alaska Airlines reservations and read all the baggage policy carefully in order to avoid any kind of inconvenience.


  • Passengers planning to travel with Alaska Airlines are advised to enrol in a trusted traveller program like TSA pre-check, Nexus, etc.
  • Membership in these programs allows you to access the faster security screening lanes at the airport where passengers don’t need to remove shoes, belts, jackets, metal jewellery, etc.
  • For all the international travel, try Mobile Passport Control (MPC) which is an app designed by Alaska Airlines to speed up entry into the United States by letting eligible passengers submit their applicable passport information and other details and answer CBP-inspection related questions. It can be downloaded easily on android and IOS mobile devices.