5 Ways to Make Your Business Eco-friendlier

The climate crisis is becoming a bigger and bigger concern as time moves forward, and as a result, many people are choosing to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle to do their bit for the planet. While making adjustments at home is one way to make a difference, consumers are also looking to businesses and asking what they are doing to help the environment. If you want to help move towards eco-friendlier practices in your company, here are a few suggestions that could help you achieve this.

1.Encourage Carpools and Cycle-to-Work Schemes

A lot of people do use public transport to get to and from work each day, but there are also a lot of workers who choose to drive themselves in as a preference. While this is understandable, the more vehicles on the road the more emissions are produced. As an employer, see if you can encourage some of your teams to either use a carpool system for their commute if they can’t use public transport or perhaps even set up a cycle-to-work scheme for those who live close enough to do this. Providing the facilities like secure bike sheds, showers, and changing rooms in the office, can make it easier for people to cycle to work if they want to.

2.Make Recycling Easier at Work

You can also strive to make sure that it is easier for your employees to recycle at work by investing in bins for cardboard and paper, plastics, and general waste. There are also three-in-one style bins that could work better in a smaller office space if you don’t want your work areas to feel cluttered. You can also look at putting signs up around the office to remind people to recycle.

3.Reduce Paper Waste

When working in an office environment, it is not uncommon for there to be a lot of printouts throughout the day. While certain projects and meetings might require physical documents, where possible, try to use digital copies instead. This can help to reduce a lot of paper and ink waste in the office, and although it is a small step, it can help to make a difference. Furthermore, it could help you to save money on printer ink and paper in the long term.

4.Use Eco-friendly Packaging

If your business is in retail, you should also be mindful of how eco-friendly your packaging is. Try to reduce the amount of plastic you use to wrap up your products, including the use of shopping bags. Instead, choosing eco friendly packaging that can still look great but is a greener solution is something that your customers will appreciate.

5.Consider How You Can Reduce Energy Usage

Finally, think about how your company can reduce energy wastage in the office by using eco-friendlier appliances, switching off computers properly every day, using LED bulbs for lighting, etc. Again, this is a step that could help your business save money on energy bills as well as another step towards greener practices.

If you want to start taking more eco-friendly approaches in your daily business operations, consider the suggestions above as they are all good places to start.