6 Best GPS Tracker Apps for Android in 2019

Are you looking for a GPS tracker for android devices? If yes, this post is going to help you in this regard. There are a number of GPS trackers in the market for android but it is not easy for the users to find out which one is the best and suitable for them. We have created this guide to make it simple and easy for you to find the best GPS tracker for android.

Following is the list of top GPS trackers for android phones in 2018.

  • Life 360 App

This is a great and very useful location tracking app. The app is available for all android devices and you can install it on the device and start tracking the phone or device easily. The app makes tracking really simple for users. This can be a good option for parents who want to track their kids and teens.  

Apart from this the app also offers many other useful features. It also keeps records of the locations and the places the target phone has been visiting. You can mark circles around the locations to mark your target safe like when they reach there. It also warns the users when the target reaches there.

  • BlurSPY App

Best GPS Tracker Apps

This is a complete family GPS tracking app for the parents as well as other users. With this app, you can track any android device and see the locations the target device has been going. In addition to this, the app offers other features if you want to track android phones for other activities. ss

The best thing about the app is that it works in the background and the user of the phone will never know BlurSPY app is installed on the phone. From installation to tracking and using, the app has all the guide for the users and helps you at every stage.

  • GPS Phone Tracker

Here we have another very useful GPS tracker for android devices. We have checked a lot of apps and used them to make sure they are good and worth using. All you need is to install the app on the android phone and control it with another device or using the browser.

The app has a really nice and simple interface with various and all essential features. It is cool and user-friendly location tracker for anyone. Parents can use the app to track the locations of their children to keep eyes on their whereabouts and places they visit.

  • Where is My Droid

The name of the app shows it is like for parents and for android devices and phones. It is just like any other location trackers but makes tracking really easy and simple for the users. You will also get many other features in the app. From installation to using, the app is pretty easy.

The interface and design are also attractive and good. You can mark locations to get alerts when the target phone goes there. This is a perfect location tracking app for parents as well as other users who want to track anyone. This app can make tracking pretty easy and fun for you with its great features.

  • MapQuest

As the name implies, this app helps you search and track the locations. In other words, this is a GPS location tracker that you can use on any android phone or device to track their locations. It has become important for the parents as well as other people to track locations of the target phones and their children. So this app can be a great choice for all such users. It is a really simple technology and user-friendly app that makes tracking easy for you.

  • Be-On-Road

This is the last pick in our list. The app does a wonderful job when it comes to tracking locations and checking the places a person with their device has been visiting. The great thing is app offers voice assistant in many languages. It also guides you about use, tracking devices, target persons and doing other things within the app. The app also supports mobile data that means you can use it with a SIM. This can also be your guide when it comes to getting directions and location places.