8 Things you Should Carry in your Suitcase, The Day your Baby is Born

One of the most exciting times in a woman’s life is when her baby is born. Most of the girls are very focused on questions such as choosing the perfect name, buying the cutest clothes and starting a photo album for the newborn.

Among all that planning there is an aspect that is very important: What do I have to take to the hospital the day I give birth? Whether your baby is born by birth or cesarean section, there are a number of objects that are best to have on hand that day, because they will be very useful. We tell you what are the nine things that cannot be missing in your suitcase so that you prepare it for time and you do not get caught up in the rush.

# 1 Important Documents

Place in your suitcase a folder with your official ID, insurance policy, hospital card, prescriptions that the doctor gave you (if you took any medication during pregnancy) and a paper that says your blood type and if you are allergic to some medication and/or food. Try to take the originals and a copy of each document.

Important Documents

# 2 Slippers

While it is time for delivery or cesarean section, you will spend most of your time lying in the hospital bed. It is better to have comfortable shoes that are easy to put on, such as slippers, so you can get up in the bathroom or walk a little before the big time.

Slippers# 3 Sanitary Towels and/or Diapers for Adults

Maybe nobody told you, but urinary incontinence, abundant vaginal discharge, and even a small hemorrhage are some of the things that will happen to your body after delivery. Most clinics and hospitals provide these items to their patients, but it is better to be prepared and have them at hand, to avoid accidents.

Sanitary towels

# 4 Various Changes of Underwear

So that you do not feel uncomfortable with the substances that your body will expel after giving birth, it is better than you have several panties in your bag, so that you can change constantly. Make sure they are made of natural fibers such as cotton and that the size does not fit you, as it could hurt your belly.

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# 5 Personal Hygiene Items

Some hospitals give future moms products such as cream or toothpaste. However, it is better to be prepared and bring in your suitcase face cream and/or body, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, shampoo, hair bands, bath towel and everything you consider necessary for your stay in womans Hospitals.

Personal hygiene items

# 6 Comfortable Clothes

Before you leave the hospital. Remember that the garments should be comfortable and loose, nothing that squeezes your stomach, your legs or your arms. If possible, wear something that is one or two sizes larger than the clothes you used before pregnancy, because even though you have had your baby, your belly will still be inflamed (if it was a natural birth) or the abdominal area will be very sensitive in case of the cesarean section.

Comfortable clothes

# 7 Distractors

A book, relaxing music, crosswords or anything that entertains you before the big moment. It may be that you arrive at the hospital about to give birth or that you have to wait several hours, the best thing is that you have something to distract your mind so as not to be nervous. In addition, these hobbies can be shared with your partner or family and friends who accompany you to the hospital, so they do not get bored.


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# 8 Clothing and Baby Items

Of course, this cannot be missing in your bag. Choosing the first clothes that your baby will use, as well as his blanket and other special items, is a very nice moment that you will undoubtedly enjoy. Also, if you share this task with your partner, it will be even more special.

baby items