8 Tips to Throwing a Killer Party without Breaking a Sweat

Throwing an amazing party is a challenge everyone must master. Birthdays, life’s milestones, special occasions or just life itself are all perfect occasions to be celebrated with a group of friends. It might sound like an impossible feat but stress not as it is not as stressful as it may seem. These steps will be your guide to throwing a dinner party everyone will remember. 

The Invite

People often use group messages to invite people to a gathering because it is convenient and quite easy. You can immediately see who has seen it. People reply instantly so everyone can see who’s been invited, who’s coming and who decided to decline the invite. But, if the occasion is quite important and you wish to do things differently, think creatively. Personalize it by thinking of an interesting text and send each invitation individually. One invitation to one recipient. RSVP is a must because you need to know how many people plan to attend your party.

The Date

Planning the perfect party means picking the right day. The best choice would definitely be a Friday because the party after a long week is just what people need.  People won’t restrict themselves in any way because they know that they can sleep late on a Saturday. Also, people like to relax during their weekends, so don’t take it from them by hosting the party on a Saturday. Your main goal is to have a chilled and relaxed atmosphere and it is impossible if your guests are constantly checking the time because they need to leave early. 

Define the Reason for A Celebration

If you decide to go all in, you might as well have a good enough reason to do so. Life itself is always a good reason to invite loved ones for a nice gathering. If it is not your birthday, your guests would probably like to know the reason for a party. Whatever the reason might be, make it memorable for your guests by having a theme, fun games and activities. People will find the invite even more appealing if it has a theme and it is different to all other parties they’ve already attended.

The Don’t Invite List

You just can’t invite everyone. Your exes, frenemies, and co-workers you don’t get along with should stay on your don’t invite list. Also, do not invite someone who is a friend of a friend just because that person might be offended if you don’t. Your guest list should consist of the names of people you are comfortable inviting to your home. People just like to be together, so make sure to invite those people who are dear to your heart, who will strike up interesting conversations and who know how to have fun. Also, ask some of the people you trust the most to take over if you are busy welcoming guests or doing something else only a host can do.


Make sure your home is clean and tidy. There should be glasses and plates for everyone and enough paper product to easily clean any unexpected mess. Decorate your home with a few simple details and keep a very limited color palette of one or two shades. Add a few balloons, dim the lights and even add twinkle lights around curtain rods for a festive touch. Also, don’t forget about the entryway. Put up an interesting party sign to let people know they are at the right address.

Apart from party decor, the music will impact the party experience so make sure you have the playlist ready. Your guests will play D.J. too whenever they wish to play something else or pump up the volume when the time is right.

Signature Drink

Having a signature drink will be another memorable thing about this party. You should have a selection of wine, beer and other drinks you know your friends love to drink. However, creating a signature drink for your party you will create that WOW effect. Pick a drink that is easy to make, it isn’t too sweet and too strong. Make a big bowl of your signature cocktail, pair it with themed ice cubes, straws, serve it in glasses or even mason jars. Make sure to have a toast so everyone can cheer with your signature cocktail and ultimately have a great time. 

Dress to Impress

Last but not least, pick your outfit carefully. It has to be both stylish and chic as well as comfortable. A host’s outfit has to be memorable to everyone and just a bit more stylish than everybody else’s outfit. Now’s the chance to wear a signature piece that makes you feel confident and elegant. It is your party and it’s your time to shine.

Food (for all kinds of eaters)

Firstly, prepare food ahead of time to ensure a stress-free kitchen. Make sure to have a dish for everyone – something for vegetarians, vegans and everybody else. A variety of finger foods would be your best choice. Food should be accessible to everyone so put it on platters and arrange it on a  flat surface (either the kitchen, dining table or a table in the living room).

Party is incomplete without a dessert. It’s like a crowning moment. Desserts often take at least a day to make and you are never sure how they turn out. So, to make this part go smoothly, pick something delicious at Zest Patisserie and blow your guests away. You can also choose a gluten-free dessert so that the pickiest of all eaters will provide their taste buds with a uniquely sweet experience. 

Finally, do not forget that it is all about having fun with your dearest people. Don’t stress if someone is unable to come or if someone has to leave earlier than expected. Just relax and enjoy the night as it goes.