A Beginner’s Guide to Guest Blogging Services and Providers in India

In an era that heavily depends on information from the internet, blogging has been a platform and medium of expression for many. Many netizens use it as a means of fostering their skills, originality, imagination, and creativity and some look to better their academic and technical sides. It is very easy to get lost in the sea of information surrounding blogging, SEO and other related jargon and a quick beginner’s guide are always helpful when navigating through this vast dominion. Before heading into the finer details, one has to know what guest blogging, in essence, is.

What defines guest blogging?

Guest blogging is an alternative term for what is known as guest posting. It is a process in which an individual provides a post as a contribution to another party’s or individual’s blog. Why do they do this? It helps with providing exposure for the writer and the blog; it strengthens and builds relationships and partnerships, links and authority between one another.

In practice and in simple terms, this is what happens:

  • An individual writes an article or content for a blog, sticking to any and all requirements of the blogger (the person or party owning said blog)
  • The blogger, if satisfied publishes it on their blog.
  • A backlink is provided to the writer.

A backlink is usually one that is at the end of the page or after the blog post. Many know it as the ‘Author Box’ where a small description of the writer of the post is provided.

Why do bloggers do this and what do they get out of it?

Bloggers essentially want more clicks on their blogs, more engagement and a big enough following and attraction. It is like a platform where there are a lot of people interested and following, the better it is. For this, the blogger needs content that is equally engaging, attractive, informative and of high-quality. This is where the writers come in as they write and provide the content bloggers desire. The situation becomes a win-win as writers get their exposure and control over their audience and the blogger ranks higher on search engines- which is essential for attracting new readers and keeping the old ones.

Guest blogging is an excellent way to build links and for SEO, it is equally as good for bloggers. However, this system can easily be abused and mishandled without proper management and planning. Make sure, as a blogger, every post is scrutinized and curated well, and most of all is safe.

Now the bigger questions: where do I get high-quality content and where do I get writers for guest posts in my blog?

The answer is fairly simple, some writers may be individually requested to do so whilst the easier method is to find a guest posting service India.

What is a guest post service provider?

A guest post service provider, as the name suggests, is a service provider that helps and gives out content and blog posts as per the blog’s and the blogger’s requirements.

How it is efficient and how well does it work in India?

Guest posts have a myriad of benefits, especially to a region that has a lot of readers and netizens. A very casual estimate can reveal that nearly 50% of Indians may go on the internet and stumble on a blog post or a blogging site. Given the number of Indians on the internet on at least a daily basis, India is a great market for those who want to appeal to the demographic.

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Guest blogging services provide benefits including but not limited to:

  • Rankings

Guest blogging is an excellent way to rake in engagement and readers, this ups the ranking on search engines when someone decided to search for something mentioned in your article, related to it or in some way, shape or form, associated with it.

  • Traffic

Undeniably, good ranking and good and engaging content mean more traffic to your website. Through website analysis, an average of around 20.1% of all traffic in a famous networking and semi-blog site was Indian, in 2017. Indian readers comparatively make up a good chunk of traffic in any good and famous website or blog, so guest posting services in India can run on this.

  • Time Saver

Gathering guest blogs can demand a lot of time. One has to find the appropriate website, manually reach out to writers and editors, and secure high-profile links. But with guest posting services in India, this is all taken care of for the blogger. The services are streamlined in such a way that the entire guest posting process is monitored and taken care of right from step one to the end.

  • Outreach

The biggest benefit of having guest blogs is the outreach factor. Having high-quality content backed with experienced writers and a company that can provide both of it can be a huge bump to your outreach in a time-efficient and cost-effective fashion as well.

Guest blogging service providers provide an excellent opportunity for growth for bloggers and their blogs. It improves ranking, helps with growing an engaged audience, increases revenue obtained from the blog and with companies, it helps with brand awareness building.

Through readership, many companies can scale to bigger heights and that is done by mentioning them on popular bogs and this helps with readerships that have a good chance in being interested in the companies’ products and or services.

To wrap things up, the world of blogging is fascinating and demands a fair amount of knowledge to get around effectively and hopefully, this guide has helped you better understand the Indian readership and guest blog providers and their services. Armed with this knowledge, as a blogger or as a writer, you can be better informed in taking the next step in your endeavors and always have an eye out for pitfalls and bad blog-related business decisions! Investing or partnering with a guest blog provider is an excellent decision and you can rest assured on that regard!