What an ACL reconstruction surgery is all about?

ACL reconstruction cost in India is relatively on the lesser side in comparison to the advanced countries of the world. You are bound to make reasonable savings in terms of cost if you get it done.

Physical examination

The doctor is going to undertake a detailed examination and figure out on why the pain emerged in the first place. The questions against any form of knee injuries are also important because it could be deceased or stained as well. This is going to provide vital information with regards to the treatment phase.

ACL Reconstruction

As far as the integrity of the knee is concerned, it could be figured out with the aid of special ligament stability tests. An important but simple test in this regard happens to be the lachmans test. If the knee is able to bend 30 degrees the doctor is going to check out the motion of the lower leg. When it is the case of a normal knee it is going to move forward by 2mm to 4 mm whereby a firm stop is being felt and no further type of movement can also occur. As far as an ACL is concerned it is going to show a forward motion and towards the end of the movement, a soft feel is being assured.

There is an instrument in the market known as KT 1000 that does provide you with more information about the integrity of ACL. It does allow the doctor to mention the forward motion with the lower leg and when you compare it to the upper leg. At a frequent level, it is being used. Then both the knees are being tested and then it is compared. With the help of the device, the backward movement of the knee joint is also going to be measured as well.

What is the general course of action with regards to an ACL tear?

One of the prime goals after injury is to reduce the swelling along with the pain and then go on to regain the full strength in consortium with the motion as well for health. If surgery is the likely course of option, then the main aim would be to achieve as much strength along with motion and for sure this is going to reduce the complications once the surgery is over.

What needs to be done after the surgery?

Once the surgery is over you are recommended to follow the method of RICE

  • The rest-an individual is allowed to refrain from lifting heavy weights so that the swelling could go on to heal
  • Ice- it is suggested that you go on to place a cold compress that does help to control inflammation and in the process reduce pain as well.
  • Compression- here you can go on to use an ice compression and this is around the knees to reduce the swelling
  • Elevation- You would need to lay down with your leg elevated at a higher level than that of the chest so that it does help to control inflammation