Easy Tips To Activate Disabled Facebook Account

Facebook is strict about its policies and any sort of violation would not be entertained. So, whenever a user does something out of line, he/she has to bear the consequences which generally occur in the form of a disabled FB account.

If something like this has happened with you, we have a guide that can save your day. Read every detail with all care and attention, and retrieving your account will be no hassle or you can contact a professional digital marketing company.

Reasons for Disable Fb Account Are:

  • If you are posting content that disobeys the terms of Facebook
  • Accounts with fake profile name are vulnerable to disabling
  • If you are Impersonating someone
  • Continuous violation of Facebook terms and conditions, even after a warning.
  • Now following FB’s community standards.
  • Your approach to other people includes harassment, advertisement,
    promotion, or other behavior that is not appropriate
  • If other people report your profile, your account is likely to be disabled

How to Find out the Account Has Been Disabled?

If your FB account has been disabled, the brand will inform you by posting a message on your login screen, stating that your account is disabled. If there is no message on the screen, you might have a different issue.
Let’s know more: Facebook follows a hierarchy and hence disable accounts temporarily when there is a scope. Whereas for severe violations, the account gets permanently disabled by Fb.
Temporary Disabling: If your account is temporarily disabled, the screen will appear like this. In such
cases, the recovery can be performed.

Account Has Been Disabled

Permanent Disabling:

When you get the message of permanent disabling, there is no way with which your account can be recovered. In such cases, you will get this message on your screen

Facebook  Permanent Disabling

Methods to Recover Disabled Facebook Account

There are particularly two forms available to get your temporarily disabled FB account. You can pick any form of your choice. Form 2 is apt for those who want to deliver their message to FB as it includes the option of “Additional info” where you can open your heart and state your justification.
Important Note: To retrieve your disabled account, you need to show proof of your identity. The document you are using must be in your name. There are numerous options to choose from, but if your FB account consists of any fake
information that is not available on your proofs, there is no chance to get back access to your account.
Form: https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/260749603972907

This form is meant for those who are aware of the Facebook terms and conditions violation they have done. But if there is any other reason that is keeping you from accessing your account, opt for another method of recovery.

  1. First, enter the email address or mobile number associated with your FB account.