Aliexpress Among Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners

In the USA, affiliate marketing generates about 16% of sales. It’s about as much as email marketing does and more than social media and display advertising. No wonder so many ecommerce companies use this tool and offer partnership programs. But what are the best affiliate programs for beginners?

What do you want from your affiliate e program?

  • high commissions;
  • fast cashout;
  • ease of use;
  • wide choice of niches;
  • ease of promoting.

Of course, one can start with simple solutions which don’t require a lot of investment or efforts. Placing affiliate links on your blog or video channel won’t take long. But don’t expect these platforms to bring you a fortune – unless you’re a super popular vlogger. In order to make a real profit, you will need an affiliate shop.

Best affiliate programs to make money need a store

Since affiliate partners only get paid a certain percentage of the product’s cost, one or two links won’t bring you a lot of money. Unlike a hundred of links.

A web store can contain dozens, hundreds and even thousands of links and generate hundreds of leads every day. Besides, unlike a blog which is aimed at entertaining visitors, a web store deals with those who actually want to buy things, i.e. your target audience. So why does AliExpress offer one of the best affiliate programs on the web?

Why AliExpress?

Number of goods

There are hundreds of thousands of products on AliExpress. Most of them are cheaper than in retail stores and are shipped worldwide for free. The importance of free shipment is self-explanatory, but why is the amount of goods so important?

The more products you have the more choice there is. Consequently, a wide choice means you can combine products in a single category, theme or niche. A niche is necessary for a good affiliate shop since general stores with a few products in every category don’t sell well.

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Easy to promote

A lion’s share of AliExpress’ goods includes both useful and entertaining stuff from kitchen utensils to goods for fans. Most of them are in high demand, and with certain skills, experience and talent you’ll be able to attract the target audience.

Floating commissions

Of course, the first thing you want to know is how much you’ll get paid. Different programs offer different commissions, but high numbers don’t necessarily mean good income. If someone promises to pay 50% of each product’s cost, maybe this products isn’t that easy to promote?

AliExpress offers quite modest commissions (about 6-10%) depending on various factors. And the smaller the percentage is the easier it is to promote the given category of products. Harder categories offer higher commissions so it’s up to the partner to decide.

Easy to use

AliExpress is one of the best affiliate programs for beginners since its affiliate stores can be built on WordPress which is widely considered an easy CMS. Furthermore, there are special tools and plugins that you can install as well in order to automate some of the shop’s work which is highly important if you expect to earn considerable sums with affiliate marketing.