All You Need to Know About the Auto Braking System

In recent years all the cars that are being manufactured are coming with advanced safety features that aim at reducing the probabilities of driving blunders and miscalculation that lead to fatal road accidents. Among these safety features the most effective, intuitive and advanced one is the Auto braking system that is considered as one of the best driver-assist technologies invented so far. Though in some vehicles this feature is offered as a standard one, those are the top trim models, in most cases. But the manufacturers are in constant effort to make this particular feature to be installed in all models irrespective of their trim levels. To know more in details about the auto braking system we got in touch with an experienced mechanic of the Phoenix Mazda and there we came to know about many facts about this system that is worth noting.

What is the Auto Braking System

The Auto Braking System is a mechanism that automatically slows down the vehicle or bring it to a complete stop on the behalf of the driver, if he fails to apply the brakes in time, when there is even a slightest chance of frontal collision. The technology is made to prevent the situations arising that can lead to accidents and hence is a life saver for all road occupants.

The system works usually with a couple of alert system that can detect any obstructing object in the driveway and immediately sends an alert to the driver to take the necessary action The second part of the system gets activated like slowing down the vehicle or stopping it altogether when necessary, in case the driver fails to respond in time. The system starts applying the brakes and if things come too close to the car, it stops the vehicle automatically. This helps in preventing any head on collision. The system works in combination of several in-car gadgets like cameras, sensors and radars.

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Advancement in this System

While this is the basic functionality of ABS (automatic Braking System) there are manufacturers who have gone much beyond this. There are some recent cars in which this ABS system can go even further, wherein it can evaluate adverse road and driving conditions, like rain and snow, or unpaved undulated or slippery roads that need special attention from the driver. In these cars, the ABS can immediately take the best possible action against these situations, i.e., start applying the brakes to slow down the vehicle or even stop it. It’s always worth Searching for used Nissan Juke car prices on .

In few cars this Automatic braking can even work at low speeds, like when the car is moving below 19 mph, and also at full speeds, when the speed has exceeded 65 mph. The difference will depend up on how the system is engineered to work in tune with a particular model and its other driver assistance systems. Till now, the more the system is complex, the more it becomes expensive.

No Alternative to Driver Awareness

However, at the end of the conversation the experts of the Mazda dealership near Phoenix warned us that however advanced the Emergency braking technology can become, it can never replace the necessity of driver awareness. It is finally an automated system which cannot supersede the human judgement.