American Airlines Reservations

About American Airlines (AA) Reservation
Founded in 1926, American Airlines started its first scheduled passenger flight in 1934. Since then, the demand for flights of American Airlines has increased manifold. Founded as a mail carrier initially, American Airlines has become one of the world’s largest airlines and the number of American Airlines’s booking done every day is a testament to that fact. It is considered the largest airline in terms of the size of its fleet, collection of revenue, the number of passengers carrying scheduled flights and the flow of fixed traveler can get easily inquiry for ticket booking in American Airlines Reservations.


The airline is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. Its hubs are located on many airports, including Charlotte Douglas International Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport, Phoenix Sky International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, LaGuardia Airport, Miami International Airport, Philadelphia International Airport, Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport, and Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, O’Hare International Airport.
Being the founding member of the Overall Coalition, American Airlines has to enjoy many benefits such as reaching more destinations which eventually lead to the service of a large group of travelers. Its frequent flying program is called AAdvantage. Members of this program enjoy some perks on the basis of their membership – AAdvantage Gold, Platinum, Platinum Pro, and Executive Platinum of AAdvantage. Booking American Airlines Flight Tickets often benefits travelers from this program.
This Premier Airline also offers the option of online check-in. This facility is very helpful when you are running late at the airport because you can buy your boarding pass on your mobile phone. To board the flight, you just need to scan boarding pass at the respective airport. However, please note that the aviation rules related to a particular country, state, or airport can invalidate the mobile boarding pass. In such cases, it is advisable that you keep the printout of the boarding pass with you during your visit. Check out some of the American Airlines flight deals and make your trip even more convenient.
A lesser-known but fascinating fact about this airline is that it has established one of the world’s first facilities for training flight attendants. Therefore, set the way for establishing many other flight attendant training academies.

Destinations Served

Primarily, American Airlines flies to around 190 destinations. According to the CodeShare agreements, the count of all the flights determined, the number of destinations extends to around 350. These destinations are spread around the world, in almost 50 countries. Since the airline provides its services for both domestic and international destinations, travelers can get tickets for almost any destination they want to travel. Some of the many destinations for which you can get many last minute flight deals are Miami, Chicago, La, Phoenix, Lima, Cali, Quito, Cusco, Salvador, Puerto Montt, Tahiti, Chihuahua, Little Rock, Nashville, Halifax, Ottawa Leone, Bucharest, and Rome.

Services And Amenities

American Airlines are one of the most popular airlines on the planet, It has made a name for himself while talking about the services and facilities offered on its flights. Cole Hahn Amenities kit, Casper sleep set, gourmet food with chef-inspired award-winning wine, and lying-flat seats are just some luxuries that you get when flying with American Airlines. Apart from this, passengers also have non-stop free in-flight entertainment options such as music, sports, movies, and TV series. So, make a reservation of American Airlines and start your vacation with a bang.
The airline also offers Wi-Fi (extra charge) to passengers so that social butterflies do not feel disconnected with the world while onboard. It helps business executives stay in touch with their colleagues and colleagues during the flight period.
Booking American Airlines’s Business or First Class Flight tickets will benefit you not only on the flight but also on the airport before and after your flight. These travel sections enjoy passenger priority check-in, safety checks and boarding of American Airlines. They are eligible to get their checked luggage at the destination airport first after landing the aircraft and leaving the plane. The AA flyer also reaches its arrival lounge, where they can take a refreshing bath and remove all the fatigue, and enjoy a hearty meal. There are also other lounges that cater traveler enjoy flying with American Airlines. They have been named Flagship Lounge, Flagship First Dining, and Admirals Club.
Please note that the services and facilities you offer in-flight depend on the travel category. It also depends on the status of your AAdvantage membership.
So, If you have any issues or queries related to American flights, you can Dial American Airlines contact number or +1-855-448-5780 from American Airlines and find easy ways to book a flight from American Airlines.


The airline uses the “best in industry” aircraft with the latest technology that ensures safe and comfortable travel. American Airlines fleet includes various types of aircraft such as Airbus, Boeing, CRJ, ERJ, and other tricky aircraft. Book some of the American Airlines flight tickets from one of the best flight booking sites, make a look, and fly to the following aircraft for destinations of your choice.

Top Airports AA Serves

Here are some of the many airports from which you can get American Airlines tickets-
Boston Logan International Airport
Heathrow Airport
Miami International Airport
Los Angeles International Airport
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
San Francisco International Airport
Charlotte Douglas International Airport
O’Hare International Airport
Philadelphia International Airport
John F. Kennedy International Airport
Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport
LaGuardia Airport
Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport
San Antonio International Airport
Raleigh-Durham International Airport