Are Automatic Soap Dispensers Worth The Investment?

Here’s a discussion to the most important part of your washroom- the soap dispenser. Be it a commercial place or a domestic one, while no one talks about the importance of soap dispenser beside the wash basin, the convenience cannot be denied.

Dirty toilet? No toilet paper? No paper towel? The automated soap dispenser is the only answer to all these.  Automated devices like soap dispensers, sanitizer dispenser, paper towels, and hand dryers, wash basin tap are continuously growing in trend. In fact, facility managers in offices and interior designers for houses are continuously depending on these touchless technologies for accurate, affordable and restroom solutions.

So here are best benefits one can derive by using automated soap dispensers-

Improved Hygiene

Almost half of the corporate have seen their colleagues are leaving the washroom without washing their hands because of messy soap. Automatic soap dispenser available for the Indian offices can reduce this habit to a minimum. A hand free approach to washing hands means individuals would waste less time in the washroom, and concentrate more on their productivity. There are many people outside there who do not accept that hassle free washrooms can improve productivity, but studies have pointed out surprising facts. Studies say that a clean and functioning restroom contributes to making up a healthy working environment, both for women and men.

Lesser Waste

Automatic soap dispensers reduce waste. Touchless soap dispensing technology allows the user a limited amount of the product. This, in turn, saves the waste of soap. While hand washes available in pump bottles cannot be controlled, automatic dispensers are functioned to dispense a limited amount of soap for each wash. Hence less water usage, less paper towel usage, less time in the washroom- everything gets counted.

Lesser Germs

Picture this: you just came out from the loo and are waiting in front of the wash basin to wash your hands. There’s a long queue in the washroom. In the meantime, your colleague also comes out from another loo, and seeing the messy condition in front of the washbasin, she leaves. Now that she has touched doorknobs and countertops with those dirty hands, a million of germs have made it their home. This way, people are putting many others at risk that comes into contact with those same surfaces. However, with an automated liquid soap dispenser, there also comes less touching with dirty hands.

Not convinced with these reasons? We have some more. The advantages of automatic soap dispensers are endless:

  • This washroom appliance has a very modern, urbane and attractive appearance.  They automatically fall in line with your washroom’s modern appearance, simultaneously increasing hand hygiene compliance.
  • Automatic soap dispensers are easy to install.
  • They are easy to use by kids and elders of the house because they struggle to reach over countertops to access the dispenser and use properly.
  • Automatic soap dispensers dispense only a limited quantity of hand wash for each use.

Thus, automated soap dispensers worth every penny you have invested in it for multiplying your restroom experience and hygiene quotient to the maximum.