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For more than six years, celebrity designer Naomi Johnson has been quietly crafting bodycon leggings, bodysuits, sportswear, urban wear, jewelry, footwear and more which has been worn by different models from New York Fashion Week. There is no doubt that Naomi designs undeniable and original styles that you cannot find in the stores. She has designed everything from feather trim dress to glamour’s gowns for the elegant women. Naomi said when she creates clothes, she always paying careful attention to the fit, which is the most critical factor when dressing any female, curvy or not.

Keanna and Deshon
Keanna Bryant

In the last two years, Naomi started to design men wear, textile designs on all kind of products that you can purchase at Noneillah Closet.

I got into fashion after, I was in a tragic car accident when the Bloomfield NJ police officer was chasing a stolen car that made me become disable. Along with losing my job, so I wanted to keep my mind occupied. I started to put my artwork on clothes. I recall when I was in ninth grade I took an interest in the fashion industry. I also began to draw clothes that I never will see in the store.  From that point on I wanted to start to design my clothes.

Keanna Bryant, Deshon Johnson, and Marie Marie Shayne Lao

I always had an eye for fashion growing up, evening though my mother never brought me any fashionable clothes. I recalled running to the TV watching Essence Fashion Show. I will be mesmerized looking at the beautiful garments on the models as they grace the runway with designer’s clothes. When I became a young adult, I wanted so bad to wear fashionable clothes. So, I used to go to the thrift store and buy items then upcycle them to make unique pieces.

I grew up drawing and create unique clothes for my dolls. Many clothes I made for my doll babies was showy.

Marie and Deshon
Marie Shayne Lao

A few years ago, I got seriously involved with the fashion industry when my son was tragically killed by a reckless Coach USA bus driver operating an NJ Transit bus. I started to showcase in New York Fashion Week to raise awareness and to shine the light on how these bus drivers are killing innocent people becoming an epidemic. Along with the corruption with sweeping the death of innocent people under the rug by the Essex County Prosecutor Vehicular Homicide and the bus company.  I just started to create a political fashion collection with articles of all lives killed in vain by a bus driver.

Do you offer custom made clothes or ready-to-wear? How did that come to reality?
I do both ready-to-wear and custom-made clothes. I create my pattern and original textile designs that you will not find in the stores. I sew the clothes by hand and secure it with the sewing machine.  I read that some designers will produce a sample and send it off to large manufacturers to make mass quantiles of clothes. As you know when you are making anything at a factory, you have most of the time standard sizes.

I like to use a lot of stretch material when designing clothes so it can fit women of most sizes so it can contour to their body shape. I love to make clothes that are comfortable and versatile that you can dress up or down.

What do you think draws models to model your pieces on the runway and photo shoots?

Well, the models tell me that they like the Noneillah collection because it’s unique, versatile and comfortable. They also love how the clothes fit their shape like a glove and make them feel confident.

 Do you make clothes for curvy women? Do you have any tips for wearing tight clothing with curves?

Yes, I do make clothes for women with curves.  Like I stated above that I like to use good quality stretch material when I design my clothing. The material I use fit the curvy women like a comfortable glove that is not to tight or lose. It fits the women just right. I believe if it is to tight for you, it is not right for you. I will suggest for curvy women to wear good quality Spanx to give you a lift in all the right place.  Moreover, a push-up bra because it provides support and does wonders.

Well…I design for men and women. The female celebrity I will like to see Jante Jackson and Beyoncé. I applaud them. I think that both ladies what they stand for is fantastic. I think their fashion senses is outstanding and every girl wants to dress like them. They are the pacesetter, and everyone always wants to dress like them.

The male celebrity I will like to wear one of my pieces is Prince, Tip, and Steve Harvey. I think they are dapper looking in their clothing.

Naomi started
Marie Shayne Lao and Frederick Ramirez

Where does your motivation come from when you’re designing?
My motivation comes from keeping my son’s legacy alive through his music and fashion. I like to design clothes that draw my audience in to ask me questions about the clothes. I create pieces to make a fashion statement that tells a story and spark up a conversation. I got into creating a textile design with music notes and articles of people who were killed by a reckless NJ Transit and Coach USA bus driver. I’m trying to get into doing creative types of gowns with sequins that has an ostentatious look. Being creative is not hard for me because it’s a gift I was born with having.  It is something that comes easy for me.

Fashion Designer

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