Baby At 5 Weeks Pregnant

On realizing that you are pregnant, it is given that you will be excited and you will find that you are curious on knowing how the baby is developing inside of you week by week. Fortunately, the information you require is not as hard since the doctor can educate you on such developments as you wish. Ultrasounds are also very helpful in letting you know how the baby is growing stage by stage.

The baby at 5 weeks pregnant is still very tiny and this means therefore that you are still a long way from showing that you are indeed pregnant. What is amazing during this week is that the baby’s heart has actually formed and is already pump blood and beat. It is however still dividing into the normal heart chambers and the rhythm will soon be regular. At this stage, it is yet to start looking like a baby and looks much more of a tadpole. It is only a quarter centimeter long but the growth spurt during this week will make a huge difference.

The 5th week is also the time within which major body organs are busy growing and they include liver and the kidneys. You will be amazed to know that the appendix is already in place although the intestines are still developing. Other internal parts that are developing at a good speed during this week include the neural tube which will eventually connect the spinal cord and the brain. It is a connection that is bound to close by the end of the week.

The internal growing and developing of the baby matches also that on the outside. The baby now has tiny buds which will eventually sprout as legs and arms. On the areas where the mouth will form are small folds and also in the areas where the lower jaw and neck will develop as the pregnancy progresses. The changes are however not as drastic compared to the previous weeks but they make a great significance in the embryo that will eventually become a fetus then a baby.

The baby at 5 weeks pregnant will also be developing the head and this is where more growth concentration is on compared to the other parts. The head actually begins developing more rapidly comparing to the rest of the tiny baby body since the brain must start undergoing all the critical changes and development in order to regulate heart rate effectively. A few weeks later, the head will actually be bigger than the rest of the body as a result of the continued growth. The brain is also responsible for proper blood circulation and other functions which are vital for the growing baby.

The limb buds will during this week develop into flippers and will become more visible. Other parts of the body expected to develop during this week also include the lungs, nasal pits, stomach and the pancreas. The heart also continues to increase in circulatory capacity which is important for the development.