Baby sleep basics: Birth to 3 months

As you know newborn baby sleeps a lot at least 16 to 17 hours and the rest of the hours are for their eating and pooping. As this can be a challenge for you as well. A newborn baby can be fussier in the first 3 months so you have to be very careful with them and try to give the attention they need. This will make you restless at day and even in the night but for a mother, this is the most important job to do in this time.

In this article, you will find out the basics of sleep for a newborn as it will help you understand your baby and you can also maintain a newborn sleep schedule by your own self. This article will give you basic tips to handle your baby sleeping schedule in the first 3 months of the birth. So let’s just get started with these tips.


Give your baby a chance to nap frequently

At first, most of the babies sleep longer and wake up lesser. As this is the indication that they want to become healthy. But when to wake up the first thing they want is to feed them. If you do not put them to sleep after 2 hours of their waking time then they can get overtired and can get fussier.


Teach your baby the difference of day and night

If you want to build a sleeping schedule for the baby then you should make him identify the difference in day and night. For this, you can dropoff shades when the sun comes up or you can take the baby for a walk so the baby can recognise what day is and what night is. For the evening you should make your baby tuck up in the bed so they could recognize that in evening they should have a nap and at night when the time is past 9 they should know that this is the bedtime.


Look for the signs that your baby is tired

If you see these signs such as rubbing their nose, touching their ear, crying all the time. This means that the baby is tired and need some rest. If you see any other signs or these signs will indicate that the baby wants to sleep as in the future you will have your sixth sense on and will recognise without any other signs that the baby is tired or not.


Consider a bedtime routine for your baby


If you will consider a bedtime routine for your baby then it can really help you as well as for the baby in the future. A bedtime routine can help you too because it will let you rest as well. If you put your self to rest when the baby is sleeping then you will be active when the baby wakes up from its sleep.


Put your baby to bed when the baby is sleeping but awake


When the baby grows up to 6 to 8 weeks you should give a try on making the baby sleep on its own. You just have to put the baby in sleep when he is feeling drowsy so they can easily fall asleep.



We have arranged this article so you can learn basic tips for the newborn between the age of birth to 3 months. You should take a peek and think about all the tips that we have written in this article. If you have any queries regarding this article you can comment in our comment section and we will see it shortly.