Bathroom Finds You Didn’t Know You Needed

To many people, bathrooms are more than just a place to shower. Bathrooms see a lot of vulnerability and raw emotions. Despite all these, they do not get the same attention as other rooms. If you want to elevate your bathing area, there are small, and big changes you can make and these awesome finds will help you:

Floors with radiant heating

The right amount of heat after showering reinforces relaxation. If you are vexed by cold bathroom tiles and flooring, we have the perfect solution for you! A warm floor is achievable through electric heating coils or water-heated tubes. If you have this technology under your flooring, walking barefoot in your bathroom will feel like treading on appropriately heated beach sand. It’s relaxing and refreshing especially after a stressful day.

Hands-free taps

Every time you walk out the door, you face an invisible threat that is coronavirus. If you want to wash your hands, your groceries, or your newly delivered package, you can easily do this without touching your tap. What a convenient and safe way to manage the spread of the virus! What’s even better is that these touchless taps come in great colours! You can choose it in matt black and matte gold which is both unique and edgy.

Oversized shower head

These large and flat showerheads that cascade over your body like rainfall are profoundly relaxing and stylish. The pressure from the droplets mildly massages your tensed nerves, giving you a totally refreshing experience. If you want an even more special showering experience, know that some shower cabins are light therapy-enabled. These also deploy Bluetooth-enabled speakers for your favourite music. With technology like this, you can experience pampering or a seeming live concert within the confine of your shower. You can listen to your favourite podcast too. What can you not do in the shower these days?

Essential oils

These natural and scented oils are more than just fragrances. They can de-stress, improve your breathing, calm your mind, and improve your sleep too. Many skincare treatments are essential oils infused, giving you that ultimate spa experience at home. You can use them together with an air purifier or through a bath bomb. If you want a more romantic look in your bathroom, candles can set the ideal mood.

Indoor garden

Depending on your bathroom’s theme, nature can be a great addition as it can relax your senses. Having one or two plants is already visually appealing. Adding a pocket garden by the corner looks even better, especially if you have enough space. Plants and tons of them can quickly turn your bathroom into a beautiful sanctuary of peace.

Fancy towels

Small bathrooms will usually have towels hanging around, which only diminishes your bathroom’s look and feel. Aside from sporting an ultra-chic towel rack, you can also leave a luxurious towel hanging around. This will keep your bathroom looking posh. 

Even the small details help make up your bath area’s design. Paying close attention to the things that can provide you with comfort and function will prove to be worth it over time.