Benefits and drawbacks of Spanish tile roofs

There is no denying that Spanish tiles are durable and beautiful. However, their main downside is they are usually heavy and little costly. This is something that you can expect from all tiles including Portuguese tiles as these have the ability to last for over a century. The traditional roofing tiles were made of fired clay products or slates while the modern ones are usually made of concrete. The roofing tiles are usually available in a wide range of shapes such as flat, curved, interlocking or fluted.

Spanish tile roofs

Tile roofing is definitely a good choice for roofs that are located in an area with hot weather or even exposure to the salt air. If you are considering tile roofing option for your home, you will need to realize the roofing systems are not only heavy but also they can break under certain conditions.

Benefits of tile roofing

No matter the type of material you will be using, there are several advantage of using tiles. These include:

  • Long lasting. Like we have already noted, a tile roof can last for a period of over a century. This is particularly the case when these types of roofing are installed under the right kind of climate. Concrete and clay tile roof are known to withstand high winds, hail or fire. After the tiles have been installed, you will not want to install any other kind of roofing.
  • Wide range of options. Concrete, clay or the slate tiles are available in a variety of styles and colors that enable them to match any kind of home styles ranging from the contemporary European to the Medieval. There are even certain styles that look like the traditional shingles or even the wood shakes.
  • Impervious to insect damage or rot. Tiles roofs don’t decay like it is the case with wood
  • Environmental friendly. Tiles are usually made with soil. These can even be ground and recycled once they are removed.
  • Energy efficiency. Tiles have a heavy thermal mass that helps to regulate the indoor temperature
  • Low maintenance. You will rarely hear of leaks, and you will never need to repair or even maintain tile roofs. This is unless these break as a result of heavy impact.

Drawbacks of tile roofing

Some of the disadvantages of installing this kind of roof include:

  • High cost. These can cost twice or thrice the price of the asphalt roofing systems.
  • Difficult to install. Tile roofing needs a professional contract who has experience in them. There will be a need to measure and even lay the tiles in a certain pattern. They also need to be checked to ensure that there is no moisture that gets through
  • Heavy weight. You will need to ensure that the structure of your roof is able to handle the tile roof’s weight. This can be as high as 850 pound for every square of clay tiles and also 950 pounds for each concrete tile.
  • They are brittle.
  • Unsuitable for sharply slanting roofs.

Consider these pros and cons before buying Spanish tiles.