Benefits of a Niche Real Estate Website

For a real estate company or individual seeking to make a mark in the industry, there is always a need to make your website stand out from all the other real estate company websites. Sometimes it can be hard to do that when you have a standard branded website. This is why many companies have more than just one website, there is the official branded one, and then there is a niche website that gives a chance for them to stand out.

Some may wonder though if it is really worth it running more than just one website. And what if the other real estate company websites also have other websites? Well here are some benefits that can probably persuade one to get a niche website.

You can Prove Your Expertise

On the official website, you usually state that you are an expert in that field but it is not easy to show just how much of an expert you are and yet today’s clients are looking for evidence and not just words. People are more informed and they will not settle for claims without actual evidence of these claims.

A niche website offers the opportunity to dedicate all your efforts towards showing your knowledge on that subject, for example, if you are a real estate company in a particular community, you can share the information you have about that community. The schools, the recreational parks and the security in the area. You can also add the kind of houses that are in the area and maybe building regulations if they are relevant to whatever point you are trying to make. In the end, clients are likely to get in touch with you because they will feel they are in knowledgeable hands.

Visitors to Niche Sites are More Comfortable Leaving Contact Information

If you are running paid campaigns, it is best to make use of a nonbranded website. According to research, they tend to give more leads than the branded ones. This is because the niche or unbranded websites do not have things like the contact of the agent or even the photograph, this makes the visitor feel like they will not be bothered every other day with calls and emails from a company that is trying to maximize its sales. Niche websites seem more about sharing useful information and less about making sales, and this tends to attract leads.

They Offer a Chance to Concentrate on What You are More Passionate About

When choosing a niche, it is best advised to find one that you actually enjoy. You do not have to focus just on real estate, you can choose a subject related to real estate like schools or golf courses near residential apartments or even restaurants near the area you are marketing. By doing this you get to speak more authoritatively and that has a way of convincing visitors more. On a branded website, however, you cannot have that freedom to talk about related topics like restaurants and schools, yet often these may be things that determine whether someone would like to live in a particular area. Your knowledge of these aspects can entice more people to contact you. But you need to remember that just choosing a niche subject because you think it will get you leads may not work if you are not passionate about that niche.

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More Freedom to Use Keywords

Content is king in the online world and you need to be able to provide as much content in connection with your niche as well as the related keywords. You may not have that much freedom to utilize keywords on a branded website but one that is not branded can be your home of content for that niche. In most cases, the content you provide is going to increase traffic to the website which eventually increases leads and hopefully sales. Remember, however, to ensure the content is relevant to your market.

Higher Chances of Being Found

Having more than one website means that you are more present online than when you have only one website. It is for that same reason that some people will invest in as many as five or even more websites on different niche locations, the thing is you are one agent or company but with different nets spread out wide, so whatever traffic you get to any of the sites, will still be traffic that you can capitalize on and hopefully make a sale.

There are a lot of benefits of having more than one website, but the benefits depend on the ability to choose the right niche and provide interesting content that will attract more people to the unbranded website. Execution is key, but so is the knowledge about the location you choose to focus on.