What Flaws to Avoid When Searching for the Best Nursing Agency In Scunthorpe?

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) estimates a shortage of 25,000 nurses in the UK, the job prospects for RNs look good both, now and in the near future. With flexible hours, learning new skills, working in multiple settings, and multiple payment options, agency jobs are becoming more attractive to RNs.

Employers are also finding the agency route attractive as they are reassured of the quality of patient care that agency nurses provide. While all seems in favour of agency jobs, there are a few pitfalls that nurses need to make sure they avoid searching for a nursing agency in Scunthorpe.

Not Enough Research about the Agency

When looking for a nursing agency job, you need to ensure that the agency has is legitimate, and you can find that by conducting thorough research on the agency. The two ways to find information about an agency is to conduct online research and talk to the RNs already working with the agency. Here is why this will help.

  • Online Research – These days, a lot of information is available for any company. When researching an agency online, you can view their social media pages, read their blogs, and also check their job listings. A company with a vast online presence and active social media is likely to be a legitimate one. 
  • Talking To RNs Already Working With The Agency – This is probably the best way to know about a prospective agency. RNs already working with an agency will have feedback that can be useful in making your decision. You should question them about the benefits, working hours and flexibility, type of work, payments, and benefits. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions that come to mind. After all, you are going to be giving them a substantial amount of your time.

Not Verifying the Agency’s Credentials

A well-known company has a great reputation and it matters when you are planning to work for a nursing agency in Scunthorpe. Making sure that the agency is an awarded supplier to NHS framework agreements. A reputed agency is more likely to give you higher rates and other benefits such as sick leave, holiday pay, flexible hours, and multiple payment options.

Agencies that are awarded suppliers to the NHS framework go through a rigorous screening process in terms of the employment conditions they provide, among other things. This means that when you are working with a framework supplier, you will be able to get good employment benefits.

Stop Looking for the “Perfect” Agency

The number of agencies is growing in magnitude, and nurses have a lot of choices when it comes to picking the agency of their choice. But, sometimes in the quest for the “perfect” agency, you may pass upon a good agency which is only slightly below the benchmark you set. So, keep an open mind and be flexible when it comes to the standards that you seek in an agency. Even the top agency will have something missing. 

Think About the Number of Jobs

This is an important point to consider. When you look at agency nursing, you have to make sure that they have enough openings to keep you busy. If an agency has less number of jobs, you may end up with no work for long periods. The simple rule is that the number of clients the agency has, the higher number of jobs they will have for you.

Think About the Variety of Jobs

One of the advantages of agency nursing is that you get to learn new skills because of the variety of settings that you work in. But, if the agency deals with a limited number of profiles, they may end up giving you the same kind of work all the time. This can be both mundane and disadvantageous for you as you don’t acquire new skills. 

So, when researching the agency, look at their job listings. The more varied their listings, the more variety of work you will have.

Overlooking Other Benefits

While pay has the highest amount of influence on your decision, it is a grave mistake to overlook other benefits. A lot of agencies provide benefits almost equal to permanent employment. Some benefits include flexible hours, multiple payment options, holiday pay, sick leave, and 24 hours helpline for assistance while on the job. Some agencies are also providing training and professional development to their nurses to assist in their career progression.

By focusing only on the pay, you may lose on these benefits. So, make sure that you ask the recruiter about all the benefits the agency offers and then make your decision.

Nursing has dramatically changed over the years to become more than just a handmaiden to doctors. With this progression, the way nurses are employed has also evolved by way of agency nursing. Healthcare organizations that use agencies to meet their nursing staff requirements also seek high-quality care for their patients.

With so many factors involved, nurses looking to work with agencies are spoilt for choice. When picking an agency to work with, they need to make sure that they avoid the above flaws.