Best Refrigerators That Inspire Healthy Living

A healthy lifestyle is a key to both mental as well as physical well-being, and a refrigerator plays a prime role in this context. Retaining the freshness of food items facilitates them to be preserved for longer durations, thereby, inspiring a healthy lifestyle. While all basic fridge freezers serve this purpose, there are specific ones which cater to niche requirements as well.

best refrigerator

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So, check out the following list of fridge comparison, aiding you to invest in the best refrigerator in India that inspires healthy living.

  • Haier 565 L HRF 618GG Frost Free

With a price close to the INR 60,000 mark, this double door refrigerator from Haier tops the list today. At a considerable price tag, this fridge offers more than 550 liters of space and is currently available in all the leading online, and offline stores of the country.

While being frost free is a primary benefit of this model, its one-hour icing technology is also a noteworthy feature.  

  • Videocon VPP60ZPS FSC 618L

Donning a similar price tag as its Haier counterpart, this side by side refrigerator from Videocon boasts of more than 600 L of internal space. Catering to inspire healthy living, the interiors receive a Nano-silver coating protecting bacteria and fungus accumulation.

Moreover, its refrigerator freezer and crisper containers are laced with dehumidifiers whose intensity can be controlled, and monitored by a custom LED display present on its forefront.

  • Bosch 507 L KDN56XI30I Frost Free

Considered as one of the top 3, this frost-free refrigerator adorns the highest price tag ranging between INR 60,000, and INR 65,000. It brings along 507 liters of space. Additionally, with an energy efficiency rating of 2 stars, and boasting of a premium silver finish on an aluminum body, this deems to be one of the best fridges for sale in the subcontinental market.

  • Samsung 670 L Frost Free Double Door

This refrigerator falls into the higher to premium models of a smart refrigerator in India with a price tag clocking close to the INR 85,000 mark. As going by the name, it offers a capacity of 670 L and comes with 3 toughened glass shelves.

It also comes with a 3-star energy efficiency rating, making it an attractive buy amongst double door refrigerator buyers.

  • Samsung 478 L Double Door

This refrigerator comes with a single year’s warranty on the body, and a ten year’s warranty on the processor itself. Samsung has made this 3-star rated refrigerator with stabilizer free operation capabilities.

While this fridge price revolves around the INR 60,000 mark, it also brings forth the 5:1 convertibility in its interior capacity.

  • Hitachi 456 L Frost Free French Door Bottom Mount

With a similar price tag at disposal, this French door or 3 door fridge comes in a matte black shade. The Hitachi 456 L refrigerator is also laced with an inverter, thereby, eradicating the difficulty of power cuts. Since power cuts can lead to easy rotting of consumables, this model is a big leap towards inspiring healthy living.

  • LG 470 Litres Frost Free

LG has unveiled its 470 L fridge that adorns a floral shade in all its variants and also houses the frost-free technology. Being double door, it houses the refrigerator freezer on the top, easing accessibility of users.

  • LG 679 Ltr Frost Free Side by Side Refrigerator

Offering close to 700 L of storage space, this model also has a 3-Star energy efficiency rating. According to experts, it caters well to large families.

  • Haier HRF-618GG

The prime attraction of this fridge is its 5-star rating. With that as the USP, Haier also provides its double door refrigerator with 4 mounted shelves, and a customizable polybag hanging facility at the bottom. It offers a capacity of 565 L.

  • Samsung RT42M553ESL

Samsung’s RT42 makes it to the 10th position on the list. With 415 L at disposal, this refrigerator is available at a price tag between INR 55,000 to INR 60,000.

The above models are specifically designed to inspire one’s healthy living. They also ensure seamless performance with a credible output. Get your model today from a reliable online or offline store or avail EMI financing from Bajaj Finserv.