Best Time for Kheerganga Trek for Trek Lovers

Kheerganga is one of the most beautiful treks in Himachal Pradesh. Owing to its an easy to the level of climbing, this trek sees a heavy footfall all year round. It is the perfect trek for beginners but most of them are left wondering what’s the best time for Kheerganga trek?

This article aims to clear all those doubts. Situated at an elevation of 2960 meters above sea level, half the route ofKheerganga is an easy walk till Rudranag and the other half is an easily scalable elevation. This 12 km stretch starts among pine trees and opens up into rolling grassy meadows. The sound of the gurgling Brookstone encounters on the way is enchanting. Considering the weather of the hills of Himachal Pradesh, May or September are the best months for your Kheerganga trip.

Why May is the best time?

  • May is the best time considering the weather is very pleasant in Himachal Pradesh. It is just after spring and before monsoons. Monsoons in hills can get very troublesome owing to frequent landslides and torrential rain. The views are not even that great due to clouds. It is bright and cool during May and it makes it one of the reasons for may being the best time for your trek.
  • May is also the best time for people who like to travel and make friends. May sees a lot of crowd of trekkers and it is the perfect opportunity for people who like to travel solo and meet people on the way.
  • During May, Kasol transforms from a quaint little village to a party hub. If you like your treks with some fun, this is the perfect time for your Kheerganga Trip.

Why September is the best time?

During September, the valley sees very less footfall of tourists and it is mostly calm without any traffic. It is off-season, not many people go for Kheerganga trek. For people who don’t like the crowd and who just want to chill alone in peace, September is the best time for Kheerganga trek for them. The trekkers have the whole stretch for themselves to enjoy.

Since it is offseason, many of the things in the valley are cheaper. From bike rentals to accommodation and from camps to food, everything is available at slashed prices. It is best for backpackers who are on a low budget. They can enjoy without burning a hole in their pockets.

Post monsoon, the weather is again pleasant in the hills of Himachal. Monsoons have just ended and winters are far away making it one of the best time to do the trek. The sky is a clear blue, the forests are alive with various shades of green, flowers are blooming all over the meadows and the clear streams cross your path while on the trail. All of these reasons make September the best time to do Kheerganga Trek.