How to Make Your Car Look Like New and Shiny Again

The new romance starts to fade away with your car in a couple of months when it starts to look slightly less shiny and not so new anymore. But there is a way to rekindle that romance back by getting the car look new and shiny again in just a couple of minutes. All you need is to head to the market and buy car wax.

Car waxing has been around for since the days of auto detailing started with the first cars coming into existence. It is an easy way to protect the color and increase the shine of the car making it look just like new again. The best wax for car contains carnauba wax which is a natural product. It has a short lifespan of a couple of weeks and requires to be reapplied every month. Even after so much technological advancements, carnauba wax is still considered to be the best for its properties that provide a wet, deep and glossy shine to the vehicle. When you go to buy car wax, check if the product has carnauba wax.

Waxing a car basically involves spreading a thin coat of wax on the car body and letting it harden a bit before buffing it off in smooth circular motions with a towel or a polisher. This leaves a thin protective coat on the car which is not visible to the naked eye but provides many benefits to the car paint.

  1. Sunscreen for the car: Waxing essentially provides a thin protective coating of wax that acts as a barrier to keep the sun’s rays from harming the paint. Oxidation damage due to the sun’s rays that are a major cause of damage to the paint is deflected by waxing. Monthly application of car wax will ensure that the paint on the car does not discolor in spots or fade away even if your car is parked in the sun as usually happens with all car owners in India and the heavy amount of sun all through the year.
  2. Makes the car shine like new: This thin coat of wax provides the car a mirror-like finish that makes it shine. This is due to the wax acting on a molecular level with the paint that makes bonds. These new molecular bonds show up as shiny paint on the car giving it that ‘new car’ look feeling again.
  3. Acts against dirt and dust: A waxing will make cleaning your car every day a much easier task as the dirt and dust that settles on any normal day will just roll off the car when you wash it without leaving water spots. Water spots form when the water collects on the car and various dirt and dust particles from the atmosphere settle leaving a distinctive spot on the visage of the car.

Car waxes come in many forms in the market including liquid wax, sprays as well as the more conventional paste wax. Our product called Wash & wax contains one of the best wax for car formulas that ensures that the vehicle remains clean and with a shiny layer of the wax coat to drive away any rain or water damage as well as prevent any dust to stick to the vehicle on the move.