Best Ways To Manage Your Amazon Inventory

Amazon inventory management does a great job in leading Amazon sellers to success at the platform. It helps Amazon sellers to keep their products in inventory and sales flowing. It simply not just about counting products or listing quantities in Seller Central but also includes cash flow, order volume, and sales forecasting. And mastering them can help the Amazon seller to stay on the top of Amazon’s search listings and drive ROI.

The best option is to hire Amazon product listing optimization experts to get 100% accurate data online and on time. Check out the best ways to manage your Amazon inventory:

  1. Problems Of Running Out Of Amazon Inventory

  • Low Sales Lead To Low Income

Running out of inventory may lead to low sales instead of regular orders and simultaneously low income will be the harsh consequence. On Amazon, the sellers can’t accept orders for back ordered items. So, if your stocked item is low or zero, the sales simply stop coming.

Amazon shoppers demand quick delivery and in this case, when you list your product with a 6- to 10-day order processing time, the step can negatively affect your brand’s image.

  • Low Stock Leads To Low Ranking

This is one of the factors that the Amazon algorithm relies on. The products’ availability plays a major role in its search ranking algorithm.

A product with little competition may not affect your ranking when out of stock but when you have a huge line of competitors, you’ll have trouble fighting your way back to the top. The sellers can also hire professional product upload services to stay updated on stock levels every time.

  1. Use Amazon Inventory Management Tools To Maintain & Track Stock Levels

When you use Amazon inventory management, you can do all sorts of things manually:

  • View active and inactive listings
  • View suppressed listings
  • Include a product to inventory
  • Change pricing
  • View seller fees of each product
  • View FBA
  • Track FBA shipments

The sellers can also review sales trends, days till inventory lasts, and can also get low stock alerts via email or your mobile Amazon Seller App.

  1. Use Forecasting & Lead Times

Amazon really helps its sellers to make smarter inventory order decisions. Here is how:

Inventory Order Lead Time

This helps in overcoming and manage two inventory challenges:

  • Not Over-ordering – It helps to prevent ordering excessive stock while engaging more cash in ordering. Understanding lead times help to judge the right time to order stock.
  • The inventory order lead time also prevents ordering too late.

Inventory Forecasting

It helps to predict how much inventory you’ll need to place an order. It is based on the seller’s reorder quantities on their sale’s trends.

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