Bolt Cutter Structure And How Does It Work

Bolt cutter or bolt chopper is heavy duty and handheld cutting tool that could be comfortably slice using robust metal objects like chains, rods, padlocks, and wire. They are typically had shorter blades and long handles.

Head of the bolt cutter

The head of a pair of bolt cutter is quite distinctive, with some several hexagonal bolts and up to two protruding side screws visible. It has various roles which include replacement or adjustment of the blades.

The configuration of all the blades on a pair of bolt cutters may vary according to the kind of job they were designed for. The most essential type of blade is the center cut. It is the place two cutting points were centered in the middle. These could tackle most metal-cutting jobs.

The combination of some long handles and compound hinges would work together to give bolt cutter any powerful cutting force. Bolt cutter handles some range in length to adjust over a meter. On the other hand of the spectrum, bolt cutters also feel as short as 200mm as referred to a compact bolt cutter. There are many variations in featuring such ratchet hinges, the place where the teeth lock the jaws tighter each time insufficient pressure that is placed on the handles (it also saves the user’s strength) handle shape and replaceable jaws.

Bolt cutters are not the same as cable cutters, which may have differently shaped blades and are usually a single hinge at the neck. Cable cutters deliver very less power and are also used for some snipping thinner materials, such as stainless steel wire rope.

How to use a bolt cutter

Bolt cutters are a handy tool but need a little forethought before it was employed as speedy usage could result in some damage to the device. Make it sure you must take proper precautions before using them and buy bolt cutters:

  1. Oil joints if required ultimately.
  2. Check the gap of the jaws is even or odd.
  3. Choose the cutting point carefully.
  4. The position material at the base of jaws.
  5. If it is necessary to the brace cutter arms.
  6. Close the blades properly.
  7. Apply the required pressure.

Working of bolt cutter

Strictly speaking, bolt cutter does not cut through these materials but rather crush them using the concentration of some considerable forces to the small area where the whole blades make contact with the item being cut. The cutting power was achieved using the principle of leverage, by which any modest amount of forces applied over a long distance is covered into a massive force over short distances.

The forces applied over the relatively long distances of the handles to the central hinge are magnified by any second pair of straps, resulting in an impressive crushing power at the tool head. Buy bolt cutter online using the eastmanhandtools website for affordable prices and hassle-free delivery of the machines. They do have a variety of other hardware tools.