Brokers: What type of brokers is there and what can they do for you?

Before you get into any specifications, it is vital to understand that a brokerage firm is a financial institution that allows the traders and investors of the stock market to buy and sell financial securities. To execute any kind of contract in stock market two parties are required buyerand seller).  In simple words a broker is a person who works as an intermediary between sellerand buyer and eases them to trade on diverse financial securities. In the return brokerage company receives compensation in the practice of commission or dues once the transaction has been done.

Two types of brokers

There are two kinds of broker’s namely traditional brokers and discount brokers. If you speak of traditional brokers or better known as full-service brokers, these individuals are the most ancient brokers in the stock market. These people usually undertake more than just acting as an intermediary to carry out the trading process. There tasks  also in compass proper researching of the stock market to offer essential recommendations to stock market players as well. Often such kinds of firms also offer margins loans different than a certain client to purchase investment on credit which would be exposed to essential terms and conditions.

On the other side, there are discount brokers or better known as online brokers. These people charge their client comparatively much low then conventional brokers. The reason behind this low commission charge is that these individuals have their clients performing trade via automated, computerized trading system rather than that of having an actual stock broker with them to assist with the trading procedure.The instrument that these brokers use to cater such low-cost service is that the fellows perform orders only a couple of times in a day. These people initially combine orders that are getting produced by a huge number of small investors into one block trades that are created at some particular times of a day.  You can have a look at some quick benefits of discount brokers below:

  • Discount broker never caters trading recommendations but these professionals permit trading process for a smaller commission than a conventional broker.
  • Traders or investors in stock market who buy and sell financial securities through discount brokers do save a great capital on transactions and commission that leave them with extra wealth that can further be used to perform a trade and earn wonderful returns.
  • Mostly investors are required to hold their position for a long duration of time. In such times it is actually needed just to compensate large commission. Rarely discount brokers push particular stocks just to earn the higher commission.
  • Discount brokers also offer education tools, apart from assisting investors and traders in making a sound and better investment decision.
  • Discount broker people offer a time-saving approach to trading by allowing the investors to perform trading with an automated trading platform.


Thus, you are the better judge. You can get the Top 10 Discount Brokers in India and make sure that you are a strong player in stocks and trading.