Buy PUBG and Enjoy the Next Big Competitive Game in Battle Royale

Battle Royale as a genre has always been well – appreciated but not quite popular. That’s mainly because no game ever offered the complete battle royale experience in its totality. Gamers only experienced snippets of the experience when they played games like H1Z1 or the ARMA2 mod.

Buy Player Unknowns Battleground

Now, when players began to buy PlayerUnknowns Battleground and play the game, they finally realized how good the experience could be like for them. PUBG changed how gamers felt about battle royale – more than just fun-filled game session but one involving a distinct competitive feel to it. Pretty soon, millions of gamers had opted to buy PUBG and it became one of the most played games ever on Steam, surpassing other massively popular games like CSGO and DOTA. All because it offered the most concise and tightly packed experience of Battle Royale, with one of the best graphics and gameplay functions ever experienced in this Genre.

PUBG, like all games in their early access phase, had a lot of bugs which were eventually fixed. More are discovered every week and slowly patched. However, that doesn’t hinder the experience players crave for while playing a game like this. They are able to appreciate the true competitiveness of this game and can be seen gearing themselves up for future professional events, making professional teams and squads. As such, it is highly important for prospective players to gear themselves up and become better after they buy PUBG to win and play competitively.

How can Serious Gamers Become Ready for playing competitively after they Buy PUBG?

  • Many Gamers after they choose to play PUBG decide that this is a game that they’ll play just for the fun of it since there’s no way it will be competitive. However, given the tournaments and professional matches being organized these days, that’s one notion many players can choose to shed. It is indeed a competitively viable game, and thus, players opting to buy PlayerUnknowns Battleground can do so safely, knowing that it’s an up and coming competitive game.
  • Now, the techniques and methods necessary to know to play PUBG competitively are quite different than choosing to play normal games. Considering when players are playing in Squads, the competitive game changes a lot. Depending on what the tournament format is, PUBG players need to devise new strategies and gameplay methods on the go. However, some of them are quite generic and can apply to multiple situations PUBG gamers find themselves in.
  • For instance, if any team is playing Squad competitive games, then they need to carefully observe the flight path and see how and where the other players are dropping. Important things to note are if they are jumping in cities, or if they are choosing to jump at small spots and locations in a split – like a pattern. This can be vital if they want to have a clean start and loot their best while having more chances of surviving the initial phase of fighting and surviving.
  • The reason why this works so well is that while playing competitive, there are usually 3 or more rounds. If more opponents went for cities on the flight path, one can then choose to land at smaller locations in their path. However, if more opponents went for smaller locations, then they can freely jump to cities. This would ensure that they will have optimal loot, and encounter a fairly lighter phase of fighting and surviving.

Thus, these are some ways serious gamers can make themselves ready for playing PUBG. They can start working on these strategies immediately after they buy PlayerUnknowns Battleground.