Care For Your Diamond Jewellery: 3 Tips

Diamond jewellery is one of the most expensive possessions that you can have and they need quite some care if you want them to last long. While diamonds are quite hard and seldom affected by continuous showcasing, they require a specific amount of attention because they can get damaged by chemicals or get scratched by other objects. If you want your diamonds top go a long way, you need to clean them and store them in a safe and dry place whenever you are not wearing the jewellery. The following are five tips in terms of how you can take care of your diamonds.

  1. Clean your diamonds regularly – The first step to a healthy life of your diamond jewellery is to clean them regularly. Clean them to get rid of dust, dirt, lotion and skin oils to ensure that they retain their sparkle. Post cleaning, you will see that your jewellery is shining brightly.

The simplest way to clean your jewellery is to soak them in mild dish wash soap and then scrub them gently with a baby toothbrush to get rid of any dirt. You can also use any brand of jewellery cleaner or get it professionally cleaned in the hands of a jeweller.

  1. Polishing your jewellery – Most diamond jewellery are made of either platinum or gold. Though platinum lacks the luster of gold, yet it is not only beautiful but also very sturdy. On the other hand, gold needs to be re- polished unless it is a rose or yellow. The coating on your jewellery tends to fade. This happens especially if you are doing tasks such as washing dishes or showering. The restore the shine in your jewelley, you need to re-coat it and polish it as well.
  2. Secure the stones periodically – When correctly set, the diamond encrusted in your jewellery should be very secure. However, the stones in diamond jewellery get loosened a bit through daily wear and you would be surprised to know how easily the tight prong that you thought was secure can loosen.

To ensure that the mounting of your diamond is always secure and loosened, check your jewellery regularly. Stones that are loose from fine silver jewellery  can fall out and nothing can be more tragic that seeing your setting empty.

While protecting your jewelry, perhaps the most important factor while purchasing expensive  fashion jewelry  is getting them insured. Your diamonds are an investment and like any other investment you need to protect them in case they get lost, stolen or destroyed. You need to ensure that you get the right coverage especially from an insurance company that specializes in diamond jewellery.