Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi 2021 With Eco Friendly Ganpati Idols

Ganesh Chaturthi’s holy festival is celebrated annually with great enthusiasm and prayers in this land with thousands of devotees thronging temples and ‘Ganeshotsav pandals.’ After ten days of celebrations, the devotees finally offer adieu to the elephant god for the year by plunging it into water bodies.

Eco Friendly Ganpati idols made of traditional clay are 100% biodegradable and have the characteristics of immersing into the water. As it is impossible to immerse idols in water bodies, they can simply be plugged into a tub filled with water inside the house as it dissolves in some time in the water.

Although the festival is very exciting among devotees and many of them desire to go for large or, at least, medium-sized idols, this year’s process of firewalling great idols is difficult. In your home, you can immerse a little idol in water.

The concept of plant Ganesha tree idols was started a couple of years ago by Mumbai-based artisan Dattadri Kothur, but today it is a famous concept. These idols are made of natural colors, fertilizers, and red soil, and they have a plant seed. It can therefore be placed in a pot and watered every day instead of immersing the idol.

This is an option for people who have an artistic line within and can use recycled paper, organic paint, organic glue, and clay to turn the Ganesha idol. One easy way to make a dough is to mold it into an idol, which can be later made with organic paint, through clay, Organic glue, and paper panels.