Common Types Of Protein Supplements Used By Bodybuilders

Protein supplements are a hit among bodybuilders. They swear by the protein supplements. Protein ensures muscle growth and also is beneficial in making the muscles strong. Hence, for bodybuilders, protein supplements are a must.

Protein-based food sources have a long list. A good quality protein powder can be made from many sources. This makes often the choice difficult. But there are some common protein powders like whey protein or soy protein that are used widely.

Protein powders are made from either animal-based or plant-based food sources. The powder is manufactured from concentrat3ed forms of these sources. The most common protein sources are- egg, meat, dairy, lentils, soy or nuts. Anyone can buy the best protein for bodybuilding from any reputed website.

There are three common forms of the protein supplements available in the market-

  • Protein Isolates

This type of pf supplements has nearly 90% to 95% in them. An extra filtration process is performed to remove the carbohydrates or fats from the sources and hence he proteins become more concentrated.

  • Protein concentrates

Protein concentrates are manufactures by using whole food sources. The sources are treated with heat or enzyme or acid to extract protein from them. This type of supplements contains 60% to 80% protein and 20% to 40% fats and carbohydrates. This type of protein supplements online is often popular as a long athlete.

  • Protein hydrolysates

This type of proteins is fast absorbed in your body because they contain only amino acids.

 Some popular Supplements

  1. Whey protein

This a dairy-based protein. Whey is produced from milk. The liquid residue obtained after cheesemaking is called whey and this liquid is rich in protein. Whey protein powder is manufactured from this liquid and offers a lot of protein. Whey is a quickly digested source and offers a lot of muscle growth and muscle endurance growth.

  1. Egg protein

The egg is a good source of protein. The egg whites contain proteins and the yolk contains some fats and carbs. Egg protein is made from egg whites instead of whole eggs. Usually, the yolk is removed because this part is high in fat. Like any other animal protein sources, eggs are a complete source of protein. Eggs contain the nine essential amino acids and these amino acids are not produced in the human body. Eggs also contain a lot of leucine. It is great for muscle well being.

  1. Hemps protein

Hemp protein is gaining popularity recently. It is a plant-based protein and is a great option for vegetarian or vegan bodybuilders. Hemps is enriched with omega-3 fatty acids and other essential amino acids. But it is not considered a source with total protein because it contains leucine and lysine in a very low amount.

  1. Mixed plant protein

Mixed plant proteins are made using different plant-based protein sources to produce a balanced protein supplement. But as these plant-based proteins also contain fibers, they may also take time to digest. Usually, two or three or more plant-based sources like chia seeds, lentils, quinoa, hemp, pea, etc are combined to make the supplement

All of these protein supplements are affordable and are also easily available in the market in different sized portions. But only protein powder will not help in muscle building. A balanced diet with the right exercise will be the best way to gain muscle.