Consider These, Before You Decide to Go for Quarantining with Your Own Team

Since the end of 2019, a new virus started spreading from a city called Wuhan in China where a large number of people were affected. It was reported that many deaths too occurred due to this new virus, which has been named as COVID-19.

COVID-19 is extremely contagious and as a result many people on China started getting affected and the authorities of the China locked down the Wuhan city completely and people were asked remain quarantined.

Soon World Health Organization too alerted to people of world to take necessary precaution as the virus had started going out of China and by the end of February, the whole world population was affected by this new virus.

All people were asked to use face masks and maintain social distancing. Most people went into quarantining themselves at their own home. There was severe shortage of masks and hence bulk order face masks were made to meet the demand of the people.

However, such self-quarantining by people, particularly those who live alone had become too difficult, since no body is sure how long they have to remain in such quarantine condition.

Therefore, many people decided to form their own team of people so that they can stay together by following all the rules of quarantine. Thus, a new word generated which is known as ‘Quaranteam’.

Now the question is whether such quaranteaming is safe enough for the people? We shall discuss about the pros and cons of quaranteaming in this piece of writing.

Why people are preferring quaranteaming?

During self-quarantine people had to remain totally in isolation and without any close friends or family members for weeks and months. We still do not know when this COVID-19 pandemic will be over and also when the vaccine for this virus will be available.

In such situation, it may create a mental problem for people by remaining cut off from the social gathering for such a long time.

So, many people have decided to form their own team of close friends and form a quaranteam and stay together. This way they will remain isolated from people but can interact with each other and make their own tight-knit circle.

This situation can be compared with the TV reality show, where few selected groups of people stay together and spend their time.

Many people are finding this idea quite encouraging and trying to form their own team so that they can form quaranteam.

Following are the conditions of the quranteam:

  • Team will be formed among people who may trust each other
  • Group will consist of smaller number of people
  • All the rules of quarantine will be followed
  • No group member will go outside and mingle with other team

However, there exists few risks too, which must not be ignored. They are as follows:

  • It may ignore few guidelines of CDC, which may give access to virus
  • If any member of the team goes out too often they can become a conduit for the virus.
  • Asymptomatic member can spread the virus

Therefore, whether such quaranteaming is really a good idea or not is questionable.