Conventional Pipe Repair For Traditional Sewer And Water Line Replacement & Repair

Sewer and water lines facilitate the inflow of useable water and outflow of waste in residential and commercial buildings. It, therefore, becomes necessary to ensure that the whole system functions effectively to ensure that the home systems work effectively for the benefit of the dweller. Various factors may cause the system to default, such as blockages or leakages due to aged pipes or punctures. The system thus requires the services of professionals who put everything in place to ensure that the system functions flawlessly to meet the needs of the building dwellers. Accurate Leak and Line is a leading pipe rehabilitation and underground plumbing repair service provider providing expert diagnostics and cost-effective repair solutions for sewers and water piping systems. The company utilizes minimally invasive techniques through epoxy pipelining and conventional repair of concealed leaks to improve effectiveness and cast iron pipes’ effectiveness. The several pipe repair options and their various benefits include:

Non-invasive sewers drain leak repair and cast iron replacement

The use of specialized technicians who use specialized equipment to diagnose, repair, and replace the systems further enhances how long do cast iron pipes last. The techniques enable the exterior access of any leaks or lines located below the slab or foundation using tunnels dug from outside. The leakage is very detrimental to the home foundation and structure, hence ensuring that all repairs get done promptly to prevent further damages. The tunnels have no impact on the home foundation owed to the structurally sound slab on the grade design of houses or buildings. In addition, most residential and commercial homes constructed before 1980 have the original cast iron sewer and drain piping together with copper and galvanized water piping.

Re-route of main sewer lines outside

The construction of an exterior tunnel under the foundation and re-routing the sewer lines outside prevent the costly foundation and interior home destruction. The process gets achieved through the digging of access holes outside the foundation. Once the holes get dug, tunnels get done horizontally or directionally to expose the piping found directly below bathrooms and fixtures. Aged and leaking pipes are replaced immediately using the 40 PVC and then re-routed outside of the building foundation. The bathrooms, washers, and kitchen main lines then get re-routed through the yard to minimize the costly excavation below the foundation. Well-skilled professionals ensure that the tunnels get done accurately and efficient re-routing techniques that eliminate the costly destruction and invasive trenching to the home interior.

Trenchless pipe repair

The trenchless pipe repair technique is quite complex and requires well-skilled and professional how long cast iron pipes, last workers—accurate Leak and Line expertise in trenchless pipe rehabilitation and underground plumbing diagnosis. In addition, the repair industry combined with conventional excavation and repair/replacement solutions enables the company to provide an excellent service for residential and commercial buildings. The expertise and skills gathered have enabled the combination of re-piping and plumbing replacement alternatives with conventional repair methods. The formulated methods come with several benefits to the clients that include the depreciation of the costly destruction to the interior of the home or building. The technicians require specialized training to equip them with the right tools and equipment to perform the tasks effectively and guarantee maximum results.

Non-invasive water slab leak repair

Copper and galvanized water pipes leaks below the foundation require urgent repair services to prevent them from weakening the home foundation. The process requires the involvement of specialized technicians who trace the water lines and wall manifolds to enable their location and access. Once they are located, the leaking line is isolated at the manifold and abandoned below the foundation; then, a new line is re-routed non-invasively through the walls and attic. The seamless flow of the whole process benefits the clients in that it prevents the costly and destructive trenching on the building foundation and the recurring reconstruction cost. The critical nature of the water slabs makes it vital for them to be in proper condition since their leakages pose a great threat to the whole home structure. Also, the re-routing makes it easy to access the pipes for repairs and maintenance, making it easy to ensure their proper functioning without serious damage to the home structure.