Dandruff – The Causes, Complications Involved and Treatments

Dandruff, in reality, is a harmless condition but it can be really irritating to deal with. When one is facing this issue then the scalp tends to produce white flakes of dead skin. These flakes are clearly visible on the hair as well as on shoulders.

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People of all age groups are seen to get affected by dandruff. Here you will get a really good idea about all the aspects concerning dandruff. So, stay tuned as the relevant information will be shared in the coming paragraphs.


There can be various reasons for having dandruff and people are continuously looking for best shampoos in India for hairfall dandruff. Here is an idea about the possible causes –

    • Skin cells may shed at a faster rate than what is expected to be normal. In this case, a lot of white flakes will appear on the hair.
    • Excessive oily scalp or excessive dry scalp can be the prime reasons behind heavy dandruff.
    • Sometimes dandruff is encountered because of sensitivity to certain hair products. You may be using wrong hair oil or shampoo and it may have resulted in dandruff. Excessive experimenting with the hair like using hair colors, dyes etc. can also lead to dandruff.
    • Fungal infection can also lead to heavy dandruff.
    • Some medical reasons can also be there behind dandruff like changes in the hormone, poor immune system, stress, eczema etc.
  • Improper hair hygiene can also contribute to dandruff.


These are the complications related to dandruff –

    • Your self-confidence can badly get affected due to dandruff.
    • You may have to encounter the problem of constant itchiness and it can be a socially awkward situation.
    • There can be extreme redness and swelling as well. In such a scenario you will face a lot of discomforts.
    • Greasy patches of skin may become visible and you can also encounter tingly feeling on the scalp every now and then.
  • In severe fungal infections, multiple symptoms can appear together and the only solution that would be left is to consult a doctor.


Here are the simple treatments for combating dandruff:-

      • First of all you should maintain proper hair hygiene. Clean your hair on time and don’t let the dirt to accumulate.
      • If the problem is really severe then don’t hesitate to consult a dermatologist. You will get the best possible advice. Sometimes medicines and lotions may be needed to treat fungal infections of the scalp and only a doctor can tell the most suitable products for that.
      • When you will search on the internet for homemade remedies for combating dandruff then you will come across a lot of good ideas. You can try some of the simple methods to deal with this problem.
    • You can go for shampoo ketomac. It is a really trustworthy product that can help in eliminating dandruff in a fast manner. You will notice outstanding changes after a few washes.

So, here you have learned about the causes, complications a, d treatments related to dandruff. The information shared here will really help you to tackle the problem of dandruff in an easy-going manner.