Dealing with a Broken Charger on the Expiration of Brick Warranty

All right folks, if you charge your JUUL with a BRIK charger then one day you will be taken by surprise to find out that your BRIK charger has stopped working. You might think that your BRIK charger is broken and requires a replacement. Well, you need to give a second thought. Patience is a virtue when it comes to dealing with a malfunctioning BRIK charger. To make life easy you can consider some troubleshooting tips to find out why your BRIK charger is not working.

You BRIK charger may not work if:

  • The firing pin has e-juice on it
  • The firing pin is not connecting to the charger pin
  • The firing pin has been pushed down too far and not making a desirable connection
  • The BRIK charger was tightened to tank forcing the center post down
  • The charger connection is dirty

A BRIK charger broken can be frustrating but do not let despondency to creep in.  First, you have to ensure that all the connections are clean before attaching your battery to the charger. It will play a significant role in preventing future problems with your BRIK charger.  Next, you have to make sure that the connection of the battery with the tank is firm but it should not be over-tightened.

Often, the firing pin of the BRIK charger does not make a good connection. You have to check whether the center post of the battery in your BRIK charger has been pushed down too far. If you wish to lift the center post a toothpick or a metal needle can come in handy. Try to get around each side of the center post while gently lifting the post up. You need to continue until all the sides are evenly lifted. If you do not have a toothpick then you can use tweezers, jewelry screwdriver or anything similar. Once done, place the battery back in your BRIK charger and you will find that it is working fine.

A leaking vape pen atomizer, cartomizer tank, and clearomizer may cause your BRIK charger to malfunction. The center post or firing pin may get wet from the e-juice coming out of the leaking tank. If lots of e-juice have leaked on the center post then you need to clean it and everything surrounding the center post with a paper towel. You need to air out the interiors of the charger or let a paper towel sit and soak all the moisture until it runs dry.

There is a possibility that you possess a faulty charger. If you have purchased the charger recently and within the brick warranty period then you can ask for a replacement. Else, you have to try charging another battery. The bottom line is to make sure that a decent connection is established on both the devices. If the charger is not charging either of the batteries the odds that you are having a faulty charger increases, it could be the sole reason for its malfunctioning.