Dealing With Cough In Babies

A new born baby is prone to viral infection including cough and cold, the main reason being their immune systems are in a naïve stage and not developed. If persistent levels of cough are found in babies it can pave for a painful throat with constant shivers.  Parents feel uncomfortable if the symptoms of cough tend to get over their little ones.  They stick to the use of the best Ayurvedic oil for postnatal care to help reduce the symptoms. For this reason you need to have a concise idea about coughs and how it can be prevented.

The signs along with symptoms of cough

The viable symptoms or signs of cough would be alarming for parents as it could point to serious illness. Though  the symptoms of this disorder vary as per the nature of cough. The list of symptoms is as follows

  • The cough emerging out from a cold seems loose and can pave way to mucus. At night when the child lies down it can become worse as the mucus would drop back from the nose and the mouth on to the windpipe. Sometimes the mucus could stay active for 6 weeks even if the symptoms of cold are no more.
  • The cough emerging from asthma seems to be the worst at night. It can be accompanied by breathing and wheezing difficulties.
  • If your child has gone on to recover from cold, but bouts of cough staying for many weeks which is a sign of whooping cough. This condition could lead to something serious whereas the child could suffer from temporary deficiency of oxygen when breathing.
  • If the child is less than a year old and keeps on constantly coughing it could point to something major.

Are there any treatments for cough?

If your kid is suffering from coughs there is no test needed.  Just keep a record of the cough history of your child. In addition there could be other symptoms that might accompany the cough. Mostly the test for cough that is prescribed by a doctor is an x ray for pneumonia. Then ante and post natal care with Ayurveda medicines may be suggested.

How to treat cough in babies

In case if your child is facing frequent bouts of coughing you can resort to the following methods

  • Hot liquids or soups can provide relief from irritation and discomfort going on to loosen the mucus of the baby suffering from cough.
  • A general suggestion is to allow the baby to inhale air with moisture.
  • If the child is suffering from dry cough they are expected to feel much better after inhaling cold air. This is going to reduce the inflammation in the respiratory tract. This can be achieved by allowing air to enter the rooms by keeping the windows open.
  • There are certain vaccinations for cough. But even after giving a vaccine cough can stick on.

Any medicine which you are expected to provide to the child has to be under the able supervision of a doctor.