Designing and Developing Memorable Spaces with Utmost Excellence

Architecture is an art of building beautiful and methodically right structures. Architects specialize in creating landmark designs to create memorable spaces. After completing one’s course in architecture and attaining a degree in it, one can easily get a lucrative offer from the best design studios and architecture and interior designing firms. One needs to be highly creative along with a knack for technical understandings of the concrete structures and buildings. One should also have interest in the subject of architecture and be planning to make an education career in this field.

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In today’s fast-growing real estate industry that is high on offering unique architectural wonders to the buyers, the demand for architects is growing and has become the most profitable profession in many parts of India. The world is going through a fast transformation and building infrastructure is one area which is taking a huge leap. In India, the development scenario comes of age in the last 2 decades and metropolises are seeing a major revolution in real estate. Even small cities are growing and there is an idea of the smart city by the new government that has increased the scope of architecture by many folds.

The field not only covers building structures, township planning and study about building materials but also about everything that makes the living or working space comfortable, healthy and beautiful. The subject deals with designing and developing beautiful surroundings that make life easy and relaxed. The high demand has encouraged many universities and colleges to add this course to their study programs.

DIT University has opened DIT School of Architecture and Planning in almost all of its universities, branches, and campuses. For candidates in Uttarakhand and Dehradun and nearby places, DIT university is a great option. Though there are several institutions and colleges offering courses in Architecture and Planning in Uttarakhand, but the courses offered by DIT university is most preferred for its extensive subjects covered in the courses, the faculty members who are highly qualified and experienced and the infrastructure that is one of the most important criteria for this courses and the aspirants. DIT University is one of the most desired Barch colleges in Uttarakhand offering 5 years Bachelor of Architecture and 4 years Bachelor of Interior Designing programs in its DIT School of Architecture and Planning. The university is also offering all-encompassing B.Arch. courses in Dehradun, which will be advantageous for the students. DIT University provides an overall development to the students that enable them to prepare themselves for the professional world. The student-centric approach and the world-class infrastructure supported by highly qualified faculty members have made it one of the most preferred private universities in India.