Different Types of Lock Keys

Around the same time, when the door locks were invented, the key to these locks emerged. It was around 6,000 years ago when the first door lock key was seen in Egypt. The keys used in ancient times were pretty hefty, tooth-shaped, and made up of wooden components. The homeowners would insert the keys in the bolts to lift the tiny pins. The manufacturers and engineers of that era improved the structure of the wooden keys and locks by reducing its size and weight. They used bronze and iron to construct lock keys. If you are facing lock-key related problems, you can hire reliable key fob replacement in OKC services.

These keys were further evolved into rectangular-shaped, small-sized, cylindrical keys. Often known as skeleton keys, this evolved version of the bulky keys were used for a long time. In fact, it is still used in the current era (especially in traditional homes that were constructed in the 1940s). Later on, the famous engineer Linus Yale and his men brought the advanced flat-keys in the marketplace. The latest invention of Linus Yale gained immense popularity and appreciation from all across the world. The tiny-sized key was quite easy to be produced in mass and offered a plethora of benefits. Let’s have a look at some modern types of Lock keys that are extensively used in the recent era.

· Keycard Key

Though these advanced keys look completely unique and different from the standard keys, they function the same way a key does. You need to insert the card into the door lock to allow a magnetic strip to open the door. These keys have the shape and size similar to a credit card.

· Transponder key

Commonly known as chip keys, the transponder keys are mainly designed for automobiles. The driver has to activate the radio signal of the vehicle in order to use the transponder keys. A transponder key is so complicated that duplicating is nearly impossible. Even if you are an engineer, you cannot copy the transponder key of a vehicle. In fact, the security has advanced to a level where some vehicles automatically stop functioning if the wrong chip key is operated. Each vehicle has its unique transponder key, the chip of which is programmed to the particular vehicle’s ignition system.

Even though transponder keys can be a bit expensive, they are the safest option available out on the market. Unless the locksmith manages to get the ignition code of the car (which is usually mentioned in the vehicle’s database), it is impossible to copy this key.

· Laser Cut Care Key

Laser-cut car keys are somewhat similar to the standard cut keys. However, they offer additional benefits and high security to the vehicle owners. Their exclusive pattern is way too complicated to be copied. Make the most of reliable key fob replacement in OKC services.

· Dimple Key

A less complicated and pretty simple car key that depends on dimples of a key to unlock a car is what known as dimple key. The dimples are small cone-shaped holes that are designed on the key itself. The vehicle is unlocked when the dimples of the key are aligned to the lock of the car.