Dine by the Riverside in Bangkok

Imagine the soft sound of crickets as you listen to a quietly running stream of water. This dream place is located by the river in Bangkok. The Bangkok riverside is where the city’s historic roots can be found. This traditional part of the city is both magical and beautiful.

A Night and Day Difference in City Life

When you visit this part of Bangkok, you will notice that the night scene is very different than what goes on in the day. During the day, expect to see commuters taking water taxis to their jobs while laborers move heavy barges filled with rice.

Skyscrapers and Buddhist Temples

This is an interesting contrast, especially when you compare it against gleaming buildings that provide condo homes for corporate residents and temples that glisten in golden sunlight. Even with the high-rises, the riverside in Bangkok maintains its charm.

Find Your Place Along the Riverside

When you stay close to the river in Bangkok, you will find a large number of restaurants that serve delicious Thai cuisine and cater only to VIP guests. A riverside restaurant in Bangkok is for those travelers who want to stay close to the water even when the weather turns cool and wind-blown.

Relax in an Urban Environment

Needless to say, you can find a number of restaurants in this part of Bangkok. Therefore, you will never feel deprived when visiting this section in the city. Along with fine dining, you can enjoy wonderful sightseeing opportunities and city-style relaxation. You can experience the charm of Bangkok without fighting excessive amounts of traffic.

Find Your Space Next to the River

When you eat or stay along the river, you can also explore the area by boat. In fact, if you want to really see the city up close, you may want to take a boat up and down the river. You will find your own enclave in this part of Bangkok. Enjoy a repast at a restaurant today and see why the river draws so much attention.

Seeing the Palaces and Temples

If you are seeing the riverside for the first time, you will want to visit the Buddhist temples and learn more about the restaurants. Most people who stay in Riverside like high-end dining that they often find in the hotel where they are staying.

Creating a Riverside Itinerary

A number of places are featured close to the river’s edge for your sightseeing and dining enjoyment. Better yet, why not take a river cruise that offers dinner on board? This is a great way to spend a second honeymoon. You can also shop at malls along the river after you dine. Some restaurant patrons adjourn to a rooftop bar.

You will never stop exploring the riverside in Bangkok. You will always find something new to entice you in this part of the city. Even if you have visited a place before, the continual running of the river promises that the place will not be the same spot again. To enjoy this surreal experience, book a holiday and stay in this part of Thailand’s capital.