Discover How To Tell Quality Certified Translation

Various situations require a certified translation of documents. Perhaps you do business internationally, applying for citizenship in a new country, or have to attend a court proceeding. Certified translation is also required to purchase property abroad or getting married in a new country. Getting your necessary documents undergo certified translation happens within a particular time frame. This will save you from serious consequences including severe delays, rejection, and other setbacks.

There are considerations before getting your documents translated. It is so easy to find a translation agency online to handle the task. However, it should have a proven track record and certified translators. The most significant concern before the certified translation is how to tell the authenticity of the translation.

Know the basics

Before embarking on the process of getting your documents translated, you have to understand the deadline for submitting the documents. This will ensure that the translator gives assurance that the process is to be completed before the deadline. Additionally, you will have to let the translation company understand your deadline to handle the process in a timely manner. Understanding the deadline allows seeking fast-tracked translation to beat the deadline.

Apart from the deadline, you have to understand other basics including the language for the documents to be translated into. This ensures that the company allocates a certified translator to handle your document in the best way possible. Another important aspect to understand to get the best certified translation services is the length of the document and other nuances required. This allows the translation company to understand the particular requirements of your project.

Getting the right translator

No professional translator is qualified and knowledgeable to handle all document translations. Various documents need certified translation including educational certificates, commercial documents, and birth certificates. The complex translation is required for documents including medical and legal records. Getting the right certified translator is required to guarantee the authenticity and accuracy of the translation. A reputable translation company will allocate a certified translator native in the subject matter.

Your document should be handled by a certified translator with experience and expertise in the subject matter. The agency will understand your needs before allocating the ideal translator to handle your documents. This saves you the hassle of selecting the right translator for the job. A translator with knowledge of subject matter understands all the nuances and jargons in the language for quality translation.

Format- appearance

Certified translation banks on accuracy based on the original document. Keep in mind that everything on the document should be translated including seal, stamp, or signature. Complete translation ensures that the format of the translation is similar to that of the original document in the best way possible. Regardless of how impeccable the translation might be, differences in format might cause confusion. This might make the translated document to be rejected leading to loss of time, effort, money, or processing delays.

Proofreading and editing

The ideal translation company should have a team of certified translators with appropriate skills and proficiencies. The best thing is ensuring that the translation is free from errors through editing and proofreading. This requires having a review team for all completed translations. Most important of all is sending clients a draft for review to allow crosschecking spellings of names and dates. This ensures that you make suggestions or omissions before the final translation.

Proof of certification

After the process, the ideal translation agency will send your documents back. However, a certification page should be attached. This attests the completeness and accuracy of the translation based on the original document. The certified document might be notarized if your destination country demands it. So, it is better to find a translation company that also handles document attestation and notarization. This requires attesting the authenticity of the signature on the certification page.

Other countries require an Apostille as a layer of certification. The agency will help you to get the document apostilled to match the requirements of the foreign country. You have to understand the particular requirements according to the destination country. Communicating certification details allows the agency to handle the translation of your documents in the most appropriate manner.

Document for translation

Certified translation is necessary for personal and commercial documents. Therefore, before finding a translator, mind about the job requirements. Each kind of translation requires taking the utmost care to ensure that the finished document meets minimum standards. Some of the personal documents usually translated include birth certificates, diplomas, death certificates, transcripts, and degree. Commercial documents that need translation include legal contracts, bank statements, and emails.


When you need a certified translation, it is important to understand what to expect. This will ensure that you get good value for money and your documents won’t be rejected after submission. The best thing to do is to find a reputable agency with a certified translator to handle your document.