Divorce Mediation versus Traditional Divorce- Which One Is Best?

Not even a single divorce process is completely stress- free. But if you choose mediation for resolving the dispute, you could easily save on money, stress and time. A lot of people say, divorce mediation and traditional divorce is similar but both are two different things. In fact, there is a huge difference between the both. There are a lot of advantages that you can gain from the divorce mediation. It will not only benefit you, but you children and you spouse will be benefited from it.

Do you know that mediation divorce or divorce mediation is the best way to get the divorce? During the mediation, both the parties meet with the third party mediator, sit with the mediator, and discuss the financial separation, child custody and property matters in a completely peaceful manner. Though the couple has the power to reach and decide the final decision of the divorce but the third party mediator will give his/her opinion for the betterment of both the parties. In most of the cases, a mediator can resolve all the legal issues of the couple. So, the mediator who has plenty of experience in the family law should be chosen for mediation.

Benefits of divorce mediation:

  • Rather than going through the messy hearing with the judge and lawyer, it is good to choose the mediation, which is not only peaceful but less expensive also.
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  • allows you to work and attend the hearing according to the couple’s suitable timings rather than attending the hearing according to the court timings.
  • Mediation is a highly flexible process because it gives you enough time to discuss the parenting plans so that you can give the best care to your children after separating out.
  • Mediation is the process, which is more humane as well as peaceful because the mediation happens to be in the conference room where the two parties and mediator will sit. Not like the courtroom having the number of strange and unknown people.
  • Unlike traditional divorce, mediation is a confidential process. No record of the proceeding is provided publically.
  • If a couple has the children then they need to communicate even after the divorce. But if you are choosing traditional divorce, it is a bit difficult to communicate after the divorce. Always bear in your mind, divorce makes things more difficult, so choose it wisely. In mediation, you can easily communicate post-divorce with another parent and can discuss on the parenting.

In the end, it is very clear that divorce mediation is the best possible choice that you can have. So, it is good to choose a good mediator who can work for you.